If you’ve recently been prompted by Instagram to grant Bluetooth access, it may have left you wondering about the purpose behind this seemingly unusual request.

Instagram would like to use bluetooth

Why does Instagram want to use Bluetooth?

It might be part of a new update that introduces a connection between RayBan meta glasses and Live stream on Facebook and Instagram. As you see in the picture bellow, this glass can connect to Instagram Live to show what you on glasses to the users, without using your smart phones.

So, if you have not enabled the Bluetooth access yet on Instagram, Instagram will ask you to add this feature to your Instagram app. It does NOT mean someone else wants to access your data or you will be connected to some other glasses.

In addition, it does not really matter if you have the glasses or not. This is a feature on Instagram that can be enabled or not.

Instagram asking for Bluetooth

Interestingly, even if you don’t own a pair of RayBan meta glasses, Instagram is extending this feature to some users. Enabling Bluetooth on the app doesn’t mean your account is now susceptible to hacking. In simpler terms, this update primarily concerns you and your devices. It’s about ensuring that you have access to the latest features and functionalities Instagram has to offer.

Is it safe to give Bluetooth access to Instagram?

The short answer is Yes, it’s safe. Instagram is requesting Bluetooth access to add a few cool features. This access is designed to enhance your overall experience without compromising your privacy or security.

Please note that no one can access your Instagram until you give the login info including passwords and username.

Even you have given the access to Instagram accidentally, you can switch it off from the Privacy section on your iPhone.

To switch on/off the Instagram Bluetooth access:

  • Open your Setting on your iPhone
  • Go to Privacy & Security
  • Go to Bluetooth section
  • Switch the button off


feel confident in accepting Instagram’s Bluetooth access request. It’s a gateway to an enhanced experience, and Instagram remains committed to safeguarding your privacy and security. So, embrace the update, explore the new features, and enjoy a more connected and immersive Instagram experience in future.

You can watch this video from CNET explaining how to use this feature on RayBan Meta glasses on YouTube.

How to use Ray-Ban Meta glasses to stream Instagram live.

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