Including over a billion daily regular users worldwide, TikTok is one of the speediest social media websites. Many videos on TikTok include lip-syncing, dancing, life tricks, cosmetic tutorials, health tips, etc.

TikTok is an app that allows users to create videos and share them with other people. It was launched by Chinese company ByteDance in 2017 and became wildly popular among teenagers and young adults. The app has over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. TikTok has been one of the most popular social media platforms since its launch.

The app allows users to create short videos with up to 15 seconds long. However, there have been some issues with the app recently. One of these problems is that users cannot see their profile views anymore. In this article, we will show you how to fix this problem. We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to solve this issue yourself.

Do you ever ponder if the owners of these clips can see if you visited their profile as you browse through them? Have you ever considered if your first love, a high school friend, or someone else follows you on TikTok? All of these solutions can be found here.

Can I see who has viewed my TikTok profile?

Yes, you can see who viewed your TikTok using the latest update by TikTok app. This option was previously available on TikTok, but soon they removed it, and now it’s back. It’s still a challenging topic for TikTok managers, because it may discourage people from visiting each other’s profile. TikTok users prefer to visit someone anonymously.

We can’t resist but wonder who is looking at our social media accounts and reading our posts occasionally. It might help you figure out which advertising strategies are effective and how much attention you’re receiving. Here’s how to check who’s watching your TikTok videos.

Old TikTok feature showing who viewed your profile

How to see who viewed your TikTok?

To see who has viewed your TikTok you should follow these steps:

  1. Open TikTok app on your smart phone (make sure you have the latest version)
  2. Go to your profile page by tapping it in the bottom-right corner.
  3. Tap the eye icon in the top-right.
  4. then select Turn on.

You can see who viewed your TikTok in last 30 days. So, check it frequently not to miss who is TikTok stalker.

How To Fix Missing Eye Profile View On TikTok?

If you’re using TikTok, you might notice that some of your followers aren’t showing up in your profile view. This means that they haven’t liked or commented on any of your posts.

1. Check your settings

Make sure that you’ve checked your privacy settings so that only people who follow you will be able to see your profile view.

TikTok’s Profile View function is accessible. To activate it, you must personally start it. You should give access to the app to record your profile view history. To do so:

  1. On your phone or PC, open the TikTok application.
  2. Check that you’re signed into your username.
  3. To access settings, press the three lines on the right side of your account.
  4. Then select “Settings & Privacy.”
  5. Then select “Privacy.”
  6. Locate and click “Profile Views” here.
  7. Lastly, slide the “Profile View History” icon to green to enable it.

Following that, you will get a message anytime everyone comes and sees your TikTok profile. Check your notes to see who is looking at your profile.

2. Update the TikTok app

Make sure you have the latest version of the TikTok app. To make sure If you are using Android, go to Google Play Store, and if you are using iPhone, go to App store. If you see the update beside the name of the app, means it needs update.

3. Re-Install the TikTok app

If you still don’t see the icon, so it’s better to delete the app, and install it again. Make sure you have the login info before deleting the app. by deleting the app, your info wont be deleted.

4. Turn Off Location Services

If you’re using an iPhone, go into Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Camera & Photos. Then turn off “Location Services” under “Camera Usage Description”. You should also make sure that “Find My Friends” is turned off.

5. Delete All Data From Your Device

If you’re having trouble viewing your profile view on TikTok, there are several things you can do to fix the problem. First, delete all data from your device. You should also clear your browser cache and cookies. Finally, try restarting your device.

How to Turn Off TikTok Profile View History?

You can deactivate the Profile View History option if you don’t want to discover who is still looking at your TikTok profile. Complete the instructions above and slide the functionality’s line back to grey to toggle it off.

TikTok will no longer track and alert you about who is visiting your profile then after. Whenever you decide, you can toggle on the functionality at any moment.

  1. Open TikTok app on your smart phone (make sure you have the latest version)
  2. Go to your profile page by tapping it in the bottom-right corner.
  3. Tap the eye icon in the top-right,
  4. Select Turn on.
  5. Tap the gear icon in the top-right.

How Do Profile Views on TikTok Work?

Anybody on TikTok can view your visible profile, but if you allow profile views, you can see the record of all your profile viewers over the last 30 days. That means assuming they have Profile views activated on their profiles.

Profile views are a mutual concession in which you may monitor others, and they can watch you. Fortunately, your profile viewing activity can only be seen by you or somebody with permission to your profile.

However, the account views history does not immediately reveal the number of visits or the up to the minute visitors. You can nevertheless gather this information from their profile visits history. It is achievable because TikTok constantly refreshes its data and counts visits based on their recentness.

If you’ve only had three profile views in the last 30 days, and user A is the third, they’ll all be ranked first.

If a fourth viewer, User D, comes within the same time frame, User A will be demoted to second place and become the top one till another viewer demotes them to second place.

As a result, their shifting standings can determine the number of users’ visits to your page.

It’s worth noting that a username only displays on the ranking once, regardless of the frequency they return within the next 30 days.

Unlike LinkedIn, TikTok does not provide you a message when your profile is seen. You’ll have to inspect it visually.

You can only block others from visiting your profile by barring them or switching off the profile views feature.

If you disable profile views, you will be removed from other users’ profile viewing history. It is helpful if you don’t like someone to realize you looked at their profile.

Nevertheless, if you switch it back on before the 30-day period has passed, you will resurface on their profile views history record. You can toggle profile views on and off several times as you like.

When Has TikTok Revealed Who Saw Your Profile?

With the restoration of TikTok’s Profile View History functionality in 2022, you’ll be able to see who visited your profile. In the middle of 2020, this function was deleted from the app. TikTok didn’t inform users who noticed their profile until March 2022.

The restoration of the TikTok Profile View History function was first reported in January of this year.

TikTok is currently re-launching the service with TikTok Stories to a select number of viewers. Each of these capabilities will be accessible to anyone after a short period.

TikTok viewers will be allowed to see who has seen and accessed their profile via Profile View. As a result, people will know who has been following them or viewing their stuff even beyond closed doors.

When will anybody be enabled to see TikTok Profile View History?

The advent of TikTok’s Profile View History was first revealed in January 2022, with more people receiving the function in February. TikTok is releasing the functionality in stages, so it isn’t accessible to everyone now.

Nevertheless, whenever TikTok has completed its comprehensive examination, it will be available to the general public. We don’t have a set a date for the time it will occur. It might appear as early as tomorrow or as late as the middle of the year.

We anticipate TikTok to give access to everyone soon, as it is an old function that is resurfacing. As a result, it should be ready by the summer. Ensure you’re running the most recent edition of the program.

Is It Possible to Tell Who Saw Your TikTok Videos?

No. You can’t tell who has seen your TikTok videos, sadly. You can monitor the number of visits a TikTok video has, but not the users generating those visits.

The recently released Stories feature on TikTok follows the same premise. Except for Instagram and Snapchat, viewers will just be allowed to know how many times their TikTok Story has been watched, but not who has seen it. TikTok will now inform viewers who have liked their video.

TikTok will only inform you who saw your profile if you keep the Profile View History function activated. You can presume that the unique visitor viewed your TikTok videos based on this.

How Do You Manage Who Sees Your TikTok?

You can restrict access to your profile and videos on TikTok.

You might think about keeping your TikTok account personal if you need to restrict who sees your TikTok.

Take these actions to accomplish this:

  1. Go to the ‘Me’ section.
  2. In the top-right corner, click the three-lines button.
  3. Select ‘Privacy.’
  4. Change to the ‘Private Account’ tab.

Analytical Reports for Your TikTok Account

Because recognizing visitors is not currently feasible, take the guidelines below to examine your account’s stats and metrics.

  1. Select “Me” from the drop-down menu.
  2. To view your profile’s settings, click the “vertical ellipsis” (three vertical dots) in the top-right corner.
  3. In the menu, look for “Creator Tools” and press it.
  4. Then select “Analytics.”
  5. If you haven’t turned them on previously, select the “Turn On” button.

The statistics tab provides you with a wealth of data about your TikTok account’s numerous components.

  • The “Overview” section contains the following relevant perspectives and followers
  • The “Material” page shows you how well your material is performing
  • The “Followers” page gives you information about who likes you

What Are the Benefits of Using TikTok Analytics?

Tailoring your content to your viewers is crucial since it might distinguish between attracting and missing followers. Whether you’re a tiny, new producer on TikTok or not, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your statistics to find out which of your videos has the most interaction and what kind of material performs well for you on your profile, and so on. You won’t be able to check who visited your TikTok videos, but you will be able to track the number of them.

Customizing your video to your viewers by producing further of what succeeds is a specific method to develop your TikTok followers and build the profile of your desires.

Account Blocking

Another disadvantage of TikTok’s account control strategies is that you can view TikTok videos without signing in. It implies that even if somebody is blocked, they can still view your movies. You can modify the privacy settings to display your followers.

To get started, go to TikTok and complete these instructions:

  1. In the lower right-hand corner, click the Profile option.
  2. Select Settings and Privacy.
  3. Select Privacy.
  4. Activate the Private button next to it.

You can disable Stitches, Duets, and Downloads if you don’t like others to view your clips. Deactivating these features improves the security of your videos.

Use Caution When Using Public Videos

While having many views can be thrilling and satisfying, it’s always essential to maintain your material acceptable and secure. Your videos and profile may be torn offline if you upload harmful information.

If you’re sharing a video that you don’t like everyone to view, consider making your account personal and limiting who can follow you. Try undertaking one of the many TikTok competitions to boost your popularity if you’re searching for some entertaining, family-friendly videos to share.


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