Do you want to create a TikTok where the texts appear and vanish when you want them to? If yes, this is the right page for you. Here, you learn how to make words disappear on TikTok videos.

Create Appearing & Disappearing Words on TikTok

Creating vanishing text is pretty straightforward on the TT app. First, record or upload a video and tap the checkmark so it’s ready to edit.

  1. On the edit screen, tap Text. (Aa icon).
  2. Write the words and select color/font.
  3. Adjust the text’s position on the screen.
  4. Tap the text again and select ‘Set duration.’

Use the red handles to determine where the words appear and disappear.

The left handle of the red bar indicates where the words show up. And the right handle controls where the text vanishes. You can scrub through your video to find the best spot for your words to show up and go away. Then tap and drag the red bar’s handles to adjust the duration.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Making Vanishing Words

Fun fact, TikTok introduced texts back in the summer of 2019! So, the users didn’t even have the option for the first three years of its kick-off. But hey, that’s not the only important piece of information you need. The following three facts are crucial for your TikTok editing.

Your text should remain on the screen for at least 1 second.

Note that each word on your video should be visible for at least a second. So, if you’re planning to point the texts on the screen, make sure you do it at the proper pace. Any movement faster than a sec. might ruin your entire edit.

Putting your textbox too low can make it unreadable.

TikTok shows part of your hashtags and caption under the video. So, if you make a disappearing text that is too close to the bottom of the screen, it might not even be readable. Ensure your words are above the caption line so your readers won’t struggle to read them.

You can add multiple texts to one video.

Making words appear or disappear on TikTok does not have a specific limit. So, you can add multiple text boxes and set them different durations.

Ideas for Creating Aesthetic Disappearing Words

Yes, it’s cool to have vanishing text on your TikToks. But you should always go creative to gain more views. Here’re some ideas on using the disappearing and reappearing words to create dramatic and funny videos.

Participate in fun challenges

Remember the ‘Nope-Yup’ challenge? That’s just one of the TikTok trends that made you use disappearing words. You can find tones of other ideas to use in your own content. Conversations are still viral-ish in 2021 and 2022. Imagine a silent video where the dialogues are displayed on the screen alongside trending music. (Sounds like a couple of thousand views already).

Use text-to-speech for cooler videos.

Many TikTokers want to know how to make disappearing words to create text-to-speech videos. For those unfamiliar, it’s a feature that auto-reads your words with the help of an AI. Using the option is an excellent way of making your content funnier without even saying a word.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Record or upload a TikTok.
  2. Tap’ Text’ (Aa icon).
  3. Write your words and adjust their color, size, and position.
  4. Tap the text and select ‘Text-to-speech.

This will automatically detect what’s on the screen and read it out loud. The timing of the reader changes when you adjust the text duration. So, you can decide when exactly the AI starts and ends speaking.

Use stickers to write your text.

Making words disappear on TikTok adds to your video’s aesthetic. But you can go the extra mile and create a unique text. Instead of using the regular ‘Aa’ button to write your words, tap the sticker button and search for individual letters of your words.

For example, if you want to write “I love you” and make it disappear, search for the letters I, L, U, V and find unique letter stickers that match the aesthetic of your video. You can then adjust the stickers duration on the screen to make them appear or vanish at the right time.

Creating a text with this technique takes a long time, though. That’s because you have to search for every single letter. But it’s a fantastic choice for short sentences.

Point the text and scrub it on the screen.

Now that you know how to make words disappear on TikTok, you can use some editing magic. Record yourself while pointing to different areas. Then use the ‘Set duration’ option to add a text in front of those points. You can also use a hand gesture to scrub the words and then adjust the text to disappear accordingly.

Set your disappearing words to the music rhythm.

The easiest way to create visually appealing disappearing words on TikTok is by matching them to the beat. Listen to the music in the video and cut the text with its beats. That’ll automatically keep your viewers engaged without them noticing anything unusual.

To Wrap Things Up

  • To make words disappear or appear on TikTok, you should use the ‘Set duration’ feature. It pops up when you tap a text while editing the video.
  • Every text should remain on the screen for at least a second. You cannot make it disappear sooner.
  • You can also turn on the ‘Text-to-speech’ feature by tapping any text on the edit screen. It’ll read your words out loud using an AI.

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