As you know, nowadays many people of different ages spend most of their time on social media like Instagram. The existence of many users provides an excellent opportunity for business owners to direct more people to their page and earn more income. Considering that there may be many competitors on Instagram, you should make more attractive posts and provide better services. For this, stay with us so that you can publish engaging content for users.

Some tips to start an attractive Instagram page

Before we explain to you what creative approaches to use to attract users to your Instagram, you need to know a few things. There are a few steps that you should follow before starting posting.

Define your goal

What is the reason for your activity on Instagram? Do you want to increase the loyalty of your customers? Or put your goods for sale? Or do you want to promote your brand? Every post you create should be based on your purpose. You can rely on IG viewer app, it will help you to engage with your customers and serve the purpose.

Have a specific style in your posts

If you use a coherent presence, you will look more professional. In addition, users trust you more. For this, use a certain style in the published photos and videos. This style can include the used colors, your brand logo, and other appearance items.

Do not underestimate the number of photos you take

Try to take as many photos of a place, person, or product for your Instagram post as possible. Later you can use whichever one is better for you. The best size you can use for taking photos is 1:1 and square.

Don’t forget to use hashtags

The most important thing you should use in your posts is hashtags. The search method on Instagram is based on hashtags. So, if you use appropriate hashtags in the captions, it will help you to show your post to users interested in that content. Pay attention that excessive use of hashtags and writing irrelevant hashtags can have the opposite result.

Write a catchy caption for your Instagram post

The most important part of a caption is its beginning. Because Instagram does not show the entire caption, and the users should tap on “More” to see the whole caption. So write the first two sentences so that you encourage the users to read all of the caption text. Try to use emojis too, But use them sparingly.

Use an attractive cover image

The first thing that draws users’ attention to your Instagram post is its cover image. Your post cover images should be beautiful to encourage the user to see your post. The use of large letters can also make your cover image more attractive. Using graphic designs related to the content is another idea for the Instagram cover image. The quality of the photo is also very important. In fact, the customer should be satisfied with your content by seeing high-quality photos related to the topic. If you want to make attractive posts on Instagram, it is better to have a short text on its cover image.

One of the websites that you can use to download graphic designs and use them in your posts and stories is Creative Fabrica. You can access many digital files, such as graphics, free fonts, etc. there. Also, you can find templates and tools such as their image generator that can help you in creating a stunning and unique image to give your account a personal touch and stand out from the crowd. 

Do not forget to use challenges

Another way to create interesting posts on Instagram is to post a challenge. Many people like challenges on Instagram. Therefore, you can use this technique to engage users and be the initiator of a challenge yourself.

If you have a lot of followers, you can start a new challenge and ask your audience to share it. When a good idea is given for an Instagram challenge, It publishes quickly to other users.

Post and story from behind the scenes

Sharing the behind-the-scenes of your business with your customers and users will make them feel more intimate with you and have more trust in you. Be honest in showing behind-the-scenes, and don’t try to show the audience an artificial view, even if the actual scene is messy.

Engage users by asking questions

You can ask questions in your posts and stories. Make sure that your question should be related to your business.

This question has several advantages. You can use the users’ ideas to improve your services or get ideas from their opinions to create new content later. Second, you have increased the engagement of that post, which causes it to be seen by other users.

Post funny content

All people enjoy laughing, and if you can make them laugh, you will make them remember your page. In addition, users share funny content with their friends. So this will make your Instagram page to be advertised without any cost.

Hold a contest or giveaway

Contest posts can also be attractive on Instagram sales pages. Therefore, if you have your own business, you can use contest posts to make your page more visible and introduce your new product in these posts.

So, you can ask users to save and like this post, share it with others, or tag their friends in the comments. This user engagement will make you more visible in Instagram Explorer.


If you have an Instagram page and are looking for your posts to be attractive to users, use the methods mentioned in this article to grow your business and followers. The first attractive part of an Instagram post for users is the photos you use. To download the best graphic designs, you can visit and download the image related to your post.


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