How to tell if someone blocked your number

It might be faster than ever to interact with people in today’s technology-driven society. However, with a button or two, you can easily block someone from speaking with you. You may ask if this has occurred to you if you message someone and receive no answer. Is it possible to find out if someone has blocked you?

These are the signs if someone blocks your number

Figuring out if a person has blocked you can be an unpleasant experience. Once you feel you’ve been stopped and want to double-check, dial your number twice or more and wait until the call finishes. If you persist in calling someone who has blocked you after they have blocked you, they may be entitled to submit a nuisance claim against you. If someone bans your contacts, you won’t receive any formal notification, but you can reach a sensible judgment by checking for these clues.

1. You will hear a busy tone if you call them

The first sign to know if someone blocked your number is that if you call them, your call immediately gets disconnected and you see a busy tone. 

The fact that you are phoning and texting but get no answer is the obvious sign that something is wrong. There are several possible causes for this, but one is a blocked phone number.

The SMS you send will seem to pass over properly, but the recipient will not get the most of the time. That lack of response is your first indication that something is wrong.

2. Your texts messages won’t deliver

There were some option on Mobile phones some years ago that could alert once a message was delivered. However, this option is removed now.

Now iMessage on iPhone is the only way you see if your message is delivered or not.

3. If you call with any other number, it will ring

One of the easiest way to tell if some one blocked you is to call them with some other numbers. You can use any of your friends numbers, or using telephone booth.

4. You may redirect to voicemail after one call

A regular call is when you receive a usual couple of rings before being transferred to voicemail. If you’ve been blocked, you’ll only notice one ring before getting assigned to voicemail.

A strange ring pattern does not always imply that your phone number is blocked. It could simply indicate that the person is on the phone with someone else at the exact moment you’re calling, has turned off the phone, or has directed the call to voicemail. Please try again later. Unless the one-ring and straight-to-voicemail routine continues, the number could be blocked.

Limited numbers are usually routed to voicemail. It’ll amaze you how simple it is to find them. Here are some pointers for locating a blocker’s phone number.

4. You may get automatic replies

If you phone someone and get an automatic reply saying “the customer is unavailable,” it’s possible that their wireless provider has blocked you. The instructions may differ, but the end consequence is always similar. Your call will be disconnected.

Although a blocked number is also not the only cause for this notification, it can be a significant indicator if you receive it repeatedly many times.

5. You will hear a busy tone if you call them on Whatsapp

If you can’t wait much longer, you can email, WhatsApp, or use social networking platforms to deliver a text to the connection. It’s an intelligent technique to alert the individual who has your phone number blocked.

How to check if you are blocked using iPhone 

If you think you’ve been blocked, try sending a polite SMS first. You weren’t blocked if you got the “Delivered” message under it. If you receive a notification that says “Message Not Delivered” or no message, you may have a probable block.

If you can send and receive messages, you haven’t been blocked. You could then try and contact the contact. If the connection goes directly to voicemail or rings once (or half a ring) before going to voicemail, you might have been restricted.

# Use a code

Drop up and try again, but enter *67 before calling the contact number. If this covered phone number rings through properly (or if the recipient answers), your phone number has been blocklisted.

False alarm indicators indicating you’ve been blocked. You may have been banned if you start to call someone and it runs straight to voicemail. On the other hand, the person’s phone could be switched off or get a low battery, or they could just be in Airplane Mode or Do Not Disturb status.

There are several techniques to start blocking contacts without restricting a number on iPhones, and then the connection you’re looking to reach may get one of these options enabled.

Alternatively, they may have put you on hold since they were on another contact, in class, or didn’t want to talk.

Similarly, a missed text message could result from poor mobile reception or iMessage difficulties rather than a breakup in your relationship. Let a few hours pass before you call or text to check how things are going.

So, when you are googling for “How to tell if someone blocked your number on iPhone,” breathe deeply and consider your options. There may be a connectivity issue, the phone could be switched off, the charge could be low, or the recipient may have forgotten to update their regular phone plan on schedule.

One approach to reach through is to hide your phone number from the other person’s phone. You may mask your phone number from caller ID by altering your phone options or installing an app that takes care of it for you.

The other approach is to connect from a different phone. Usually, the most straightforward process is the most effective. Try phoning the person’s number from a different device if you fear you’ve been blocked. It doesn’t matter if you take your landline or take a roommate’s cellphone. The issue is that if you didn’t access someone on your phone but can on some other device, you’ve most likely been blocked.

Consider the following process:

  1. Choose a time when the contact you’re phoning is most likely available.
  2. Place a call.
  3. Check out precisely what occurs.
  4. Make contact on a different device right away.
  5. Note, you don’t have to call the recipient; all you have to do is check how long it is required to get voicemail.
  • Best option: You’ll be allowed to speak with the contact and learn why they fail to admit your messages. (It’s also possible to hang up on you right away). 
  • Worst option: You’ll be stuck wondering whether or not you’ve been barred permanently.

Once you get down close to it, this isn’t the worst enigma. The final consequence is the same if someone filters your contacts endlessly or has blocked you completely: they don’t have to hear from you. It’s generally preferable to appreciate that and check again within a few weeks to check if problems have settled down.

Just ensure to employ caution when wielding this ability. You may have to appreciate someone’s choice if they genuinely do not care to speak about you.

There’s a thin border between seeking to contact someone and disturbing them. Don’t step over the boundary. Consider contacting via email, regular mail, or a close relative or familiar friend if you’re worried.


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