Facebook, like other apps in social media, makes everything easier to connect with your friend, share your beautiful moments and share your feelings with others, In this blog, we explain “How to know if someone blocked you on Facebook“.

How to know if someone blocked you on Facebook or deactivated their account?

The sign of a deactivated account is the same as getting blocked on Facebook. The only way you can find out if someone deleted or deactivated their account is to check through another Facebook account. You can simply open a new account using a new Gmail address, or check through another friend’s Facebook account.

Common signs of a deactivated account

  1. You can see the conversation on messenger but It says “Can’t reply to the messages”
  2. You cannot find the person the Facebook search bar
  3. You cannot tag or add them to any groups

How to see if someone deactivated their account on Facebook?

To find out if someone deactivated their account is to find them in the friend list. If someone deactivates the account it will still be available in the friend list but with no picture. If you click on their name it shows that the account is deactivated.

  1. Open Facebook on a browser (such as Chrome or Safari).
  2. Log in to your account using username and password
  3. Click on your profile picture
  4. Click on Friends list
  5. Type in the name in the search bar

So you should be able to see the name if they have deactivated their account.

What is the difference between being blocked and unfriended on Facebook?

What is the difference between being blocked and unfriended on Facebook

This is one other thing Facebook never tells you about. There are of course some third-party applications that let you do that. But before presenting the application, let’s talk about the distinction between being unfriended and blocked. When somebody unfriends you from Facebook, you will be removed from their friend list but you can still see their profile and the content they share publicly.

The application you can use to see who has unfriended you is Unfriend Finder. This application tells you about who has unfriended you, your friendship requests, and those friends who have deactivated their accounts.

How to know if someone blocked you on Facebook messenger?

To be honest, Facebook messenger does not let us know or notify us when someone blocks us. We can check some stuff and know if we are in fact been blocked, but this is not guaranteed.

You can check what I’m about to tell you and only Guess if you have been blocked.

  • If you send a text to someone via Facebook messenger and you see a checkmark icon that is filled it means that the message has been delivered to the person.
  • If instead of the checkmark icon you see the recipient’s profile photo it means that the recipient has read your message.
  • If you send a message to let’s say your girlfriend and you see that there is an unfilled checkmark icon this means she either has not logged in to Facebook or she has blocked you on Facebook messenger.
  • You can also check if that person has posted something on their Facebook or commented on other posts. If they have done so, it means that they have probably blocked you, because they have already logged in to their Facebook account, but your message has not been delivered to them.

In some cases, someone decides to block you both on Facebook and on its messenger. In these cases, it’s easier to know if you indeed have been blocked or not. I’ll walk you through some easy steps which help you know for sure if you have been blocked

  • Open the chat with the person that you think has probably blocked you on both Facebook and on messenger.
  • Now send him or her a text via Facebook messenger.
  • If you receive the message which says “This person is unavailable on Messenger” this means that the person has blocked you on both Facebook and on messenger.

how to know if someone blocked you on Facebook

how to know if someone blocked you on facebook

Facebook, like many other social platform websites, lets you block people and let others block you. To observe the privacy of the users and to protect their feelings, Facebook does not send us a notification when we are blocked.

When we try to search someone’s name or content on Facebook but we cannot find it, we may think that we have been blocked. When this happens, it is natural for us to make sure but how can we know if someone has blocked us on Facebook?

Main symptoms to know if someone blocked you on Facebook

  • If someone blocks you on FaceBook, this app won’t tell you or get you any specific notifications.
  • If you couldn’t see somebody’s profile page or find it in search so maybe he or she blocked you on Facebook.
  • Pay attention that doesn’t always find someone’s Facebook page means that you were blocked. It’s also possible to mean that the person deleted his or her special page or even remove you from the friends.

It might be challenging to distinguish whether you have been blocked or your friend has just deactivated their account. Here are some ways that help you with this:

Method #1: Check the friend list

When someone blocks you on Instagram you cannot find them on your friend list even if you search for them. There is also a slim chance that they have totally deleted their account from Facebook.

  1. 1. To find out if somebody blocked you on Facebook, you can log in to your Facebook account, then go to your friend’s list. You can find this option on the left side of the page.When you get in the friend list, click on All friends. By searching your friend’s name in the search box you can probably know if that person blocked you or not. Be aware that this means the possibility of being blocked and does not exactly show that you are blocked.
  2. Choose wisely one post and start tagging that person on your post, if you can’t tag that person so, it means that maybe they blocked you or unfriended you.
  3. Wisely create a Facebook event or group and invite them to it. If you couldn’t invite them, it’s a sign of blocking or unfriending you.
  4. Try sending a message on Facebook messenger, if you see that the message you sent is an error so it’s a sign of three things. One blocking you, second unfriended you, and third deletion of that person’s Facebook account.
  5. Finally, the clear thing that shows you the blocking is that you can’t see their posts directly in your Facebook feeds. Notice that they can be your friend on your Facebook account but due to their settings you couldn’t see their posts because they are private.

So to find out if the person is blocking you on Facebook or not you can try the method that I was explaining above. Read the above information in detail to get what you want and solve your problem.

Method #2 Check incognito

Either log out of your Facebook account or open an incognito window. To do this on Chrome, click on the 3 dots (ellipsis) that you can see on the top right corner of your window and click “open new incognito window”. A page with a dark theme appears that lets you browse privately. Now if you remember the username of the person you are searching for you have to enter the name of the person in the search bar and then type Facebook. Click on the first link. Now if the person’s profile is visible, you have been blocked and the person has not deleted their account.

Method # 3. Check if it’s possible to tag him/her

if someone blocks you on Facebook you cannot tag them so another way to find out is to create a post and attempt to tag who you are looking for. A list appears in which you can search the username of that person. If their name doesn’t show up, they have either unfriended or blocked you.

Method # 4. Create a new event

after you create an event on Facebook, try to add the person to the event. The same thing that was previously stated about tagging applies here.

Method #5 Message them

if you attempt to send a message to a person who has blocked you, a red circle appears beside the message and the recipient does not get the message.

Method #6 View their content

if you try to view their content and you get the error “content unavailable” it is likely that they have blocked you.


Once we try to reach a particular profile or content and we cannot reach it, we may experience sad feelings. People may block us for different reasons. Facebook does not notify us when somebody does this because of privacy issues and also being protective of people’s feelings. However, there are some methods that can help us find out whether we have been blocked or have disabled/deleted their account. In this article, we first examined how being unfriended is different from being blocked and how we can assure that we have been blocked.

As I mentioned before, Facebook is one of the common applications in today’s world that is run by Mark Zuckerberg and people use it in different areas such as family, friends, or even business.

Here, I was speaking about how to know someone blocked us on Facebook and ways for being aware of it. Recently many Facebook users reported an issue that named ” This content isn’t available right now ” we describe the reasons and how to fix that problem.I hope you enjoy reading this article and feel free to share your insight about this article or any question about that in the below comment section.


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