It’s only been 9 days since Threads was launched, yet the app has attracted more than 100 million users in a very short time.

More and more users are installing Threads on their devices to interact with each other, but they do not have access to some features yet.

Although Threads is a serious rival to Twitter, it still doesn’t have some features like DM. Users have been asking a lot of questions about Threads DM in the past few days. They want to know how to send a DM on Threads and if it is possible to do that at all.

Differences between Threads and Instagram

Threads and Instagram have many features in common because both apps have been developed by the same company known as Meta. Threads is only a text-based app and it lacks many features that are available on Instagram.

You can think about Threads as a smaller circle that exist within a larger one and that larger one is in fact Instagram!

Some similarities and differences between Threads and Instagram are as follows.

  • Both apps allow you to share a post and add text and images or videos to it.
  • Both allow you to like and comment on other users’ posts.
  • Unlike Instagram, Threads won’t allow you to share a story or reels.
  • On the Threads app, you can’t search for a specific topic, or things like that. You can only search for people.
  • On Threads, you might see content on your feed that you are not interested in. So things might be a little messy. But on Instagram what you see on your feed will be based on your interest.
  • Threads app doesn’t allow you to send a DM, but Instagram does.
  • Threads doesn’t support any hashtags yet while Instagram does.
  • Generally speaking, Threads still has a long way to go to complete and improve its features.

How to send a direct message on Threads?

Some features like DM are still lacking on Threads. So if you have tried to send a direct message to someone but you haven’t been able to do that is because the app simply doesn’t have that feature. For now, you can’t send DM on Threads.

Since Threads has been made recently, it is not completed yet. Chances are it’ll add the DM feature to its app soon.

People who run Threads on their devices have access to Instagram. So if you need to send someone a DM you can do that on Instagram.

Meta has recently said that they are going to add some features to Threads in the upcoming version. However, they didn’t say anything about DM. So it is not clear whether they will add this feature to Threads or not in the near future. Hopefully, they will add it to the app anyway.


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