Does it occur recently that whatever you were thinking about was shown on TikTok? Did it scare you? Were you forced to believe that TikTok is reading your mind? Or simply how TikTok reads your mind?

If you have any of these concerns, don’t worry! We are here to take you deeper into the TikTok algorithms and all that helps to know the very question – how TikTok manages to read your or my mind.

Does TikTok Really Read My or Your Mind?

The simplest of the answers is – NO! It doesn’t. However, there is an extremely well-developed algorithm system that shows what you may like based on what you had viewed recently. This is typically shown or suggested in the “For You” section.

Speculations and wrong news about “TikTok reading minds of humans” has taken a considerable level of hype in the world of social media. And why wouldn’t it be? The craze to go viral makes TikTokers more alarmed. They think whatever is circulated is nothing but “right”. Which is definitely not the case.

Why “TikTok Reads Your Mind” Got Hyped?

In 2021, New York Times published that an anonymous company’s employee revealed something fishy about TikTok – it uses algorithms that generate more traffic. It is done so that more engagement rates can take place, leaving TikTokers to make more money.

But on a serious note, don’t we all fall for the videos shared by different TikTokers on this platform? They are quite addictive, right? Keeping that in mind, we can say that the conspiracy or the “falsified news” was not taken seriously by the experts. It is because they knew the algorithms of TikTok take notes of metrics (comments, likes, favorite videos, watch time, shared videos, and saved videos).

TikTok contains Strongest and Most Workable Algorithms

You know what?! TikTok developers didn’t take algorithms easy. They worked on it diligently on the human psyche which helps in suggesting as well as foreseeing what a user likes to see. As mentioned above, it is based on the metrics. Thus, it makes you feel as if “TikTok is reading my mind”.

Now that we know the basics, let’s delve into the real part – how does TikTok spook us through algorithms?

First of all, it is something to understand clearly that algorithms majorly work based on metrics. After which new videos are recommended to the users. Algorithms usually work best for those who are a few months old users. If you are a new TikTok user, chances are not to see exact or accurate recommendations. However, for the new TikTok user, recommendations are based on different content without knowing the preference.

Features that Determine Recommended TikTok Videos

Whatever you may see is based on some features. What are they? Let’s check it out.

Activity of Users

This is the most crucial feature that determines the algorithms of TikTok. Your role as a user is played through activity. But what does it mean? Well, it means, the kind of activities you have done while watching videos. It includes TikTok likes, shares, comments, sharing, watch time, re-watching, etc.

How does the algorithm work or in other words, how TikTok reads your mind is solemnly based on algorithms. These are extremely deep-rooted equations that work flawlessly. It uses a different custom FYP for every TikTok user. This custom algorithm works best for those who are on TikTok for some time and have been active since joining.

Location & Language

We all know that English is spoken and understood in most countries. That’s the reason why the majority of videos on TikTok are in English. Even those who can’t speak English watch videos in the same language. But when it comes to TikTok algorithms, the language spoken in your locality will be shown in the recommended videos. What does it denote? Well, it goes without saying that TikTok algorithms are quite strong in their functionality.

How does it help the TikToker? Brands and companies that use TikTok as a marketing tool find it easier to target the audience for leads, campaigns, and similar stuff. However, factors that determine the selection of language are based on the location of posting videos, preferences set by the app, and the model of the device used.


Interestingly, TikTok doesn’t only recommend videos. It shows all those audios which are trending on this platform, TikTok. Basically, the audio is part of the video. So, it is not that you will only hear music and see nothing!

Keeping that in mind, it is important for us to mention that to make any video viral. TikTok makes use of audios that are trending. That’s the reason why you get to see videos with the same audio almost every other day.

Other Features that Make You Think “TikTok Reads Your Mind”

Besides all that we have mentioned above, some other factors make you wonder, “how TikTok reads your mind”. It includes video information and the setting of the device you are using.

Necessary Information for Videos

Now that we know how a well-established algorithm works. It is time to know a few factors which help in ranking videos. Basically, if you tend to get viral, it is best to make use of video information. You might question what is included in the necessary information. Well, it is all about how you complete the details of a video before publishing it on TikTok.

First thing first, a caption will make the video stand out. Secondly, sounds which you use also play an important role. This means the use of trending music or audio will help in reaching more audiences. Along with that, we have hashtags and effects. These two components play a breakthrough kind of role. With the use of hashtags and some effects, the possibility of reaching and being visible to more people is increased. Likewise, when you make a video on any trending topic, naturally the chances of getting viral becomes easier.

Account Setting of the Smart Device

If you want to optimize the performance of the videos shared on your TikTok profile. Certain steps need to be taken care of. For example, when it comes to using a device, settings must be checked.

These settings are done one time and you are not required to make the changes after every few days or regularly. Interestingly, the influence of settings will be seen on TikTok through signals of the video info.

If you change some settings on the device, they will change the algorithm which will make the user question, “how TikTok reads your mind”. So, make use of the settings mentioned below for the optimized content. These settings will show “you” content that you’d like to watch and not who would see your published videos.

  • Setting of country selection: if you want to watch content from a specific country or country. However, most likely you will see content from your own country.
  • Language: this is the preference-based option. You can change it if you like.
  • Mobile device: which model you are using? Old models don’t sync algorithms and you might not watch what you may want to view.

Last Verdict: How does TikTok Read Your Mind?

Well, after all that we have shared in this blog, there are certain giveaways. Firstly, TikTok doesn’t read our minds. Whatever we watch is based on our activities which helps in determining our interests and preferences. Secondly, the algorithms of TikTok are extremely strong and they work smartly. So much so that you are forced to think: if I am being spooked or not!


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