While most WhatsApp groups require admin permission to join, there are also groups that do not require admin permission to join. This tutorial guides you to join a public WhatsApp group without being invited with the help of several third-party apps and websites.

WhatsApp functionality in channels and groups

WhatsApp channels refer to the same admin-centric groups of these kinds of messengers. In these groups, other members cannot participate and merely the group administrator or leader is active.

WhatsApp groups are great for everyday chat with family and friends. However, the crucial point in this application is their performance. WhatsApp, in terms of groups and social channels, cannot show the same function as applications such as Telegram. WhatsApp options for searching for different channels and groups; since this program is designed as a messenger and has no social aspect.

Difficulty in accessing public channels and groups on WhatsApp prevents spams from occurring and protects the privacy of individuals on WhatsApp. When channels do not exist, you are not washed by a huge flood of information and news every day, and you do not have to worry about your group information.

Introducing different types of WhatsApp channels and groups

As mentioned, WhatsApp channels and social groups are not very popular. Most WhatsApp groups are private and are only shared with close friends. However, some group managers provide a way to reach out and join different channels by providing group invitation links to the general public.

WhatsApp channels and groups entry methods

There are two main methods for joining a group on WhatsApp:

Membership by invitation

One way to join the WhatsApp group and channels is to receive an invitation. Only administrator members or, as the saying goes, Admins are allowed to send invitations, and you, as an invitee, can join the group from within WhatsApp by touching the invitation link.

Public membership

Some websites have provided a convenient opportunity for people to join groups by providing links and a list of their invitation links to the public. You can easily find them by searching for terms such as WhatsApp group links, WhatsApp group invitation link, and the like on Google.

WhatsGroupLink.com has an updated list of public WhatsApp groups. This site is one of the most popular and reputable services among users, which provides the possibility of searching the channel in WhatsApp for the general public by providing a list of WhatsApp news channels, a list of WhatsApp football channels, and a list of WhatsApp game channels. For example, the fever of game groups like PUBG is a trend on this site.

How to join?

In order to join a group, select it to open the WhatsApp group link in a new tab, then select the green JOIN CHAT button to access the group, and then join the group from WhatsApp.


Search for WhatsApp Group Store apps in the App Store or Google Play. These programs help you to join channels and groups by providing a variety of links in various fields. One of these programs is called Groups for WhatsApp, which can be downloaded from the Play Store. The program has a straight and simple user interface with an easy categorization tab to use and find new groups based on interest.

Trend Link application is one of the best applications for finding group links in WhatsApp and Telegram. Just download it from the App Store and choose your favorite theme from the themes in the app. The only way to get people to join a channel is to publish a link. The more people are available to the link, the more likely it is that new people will enter the channel.

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You can also create a channel and share the link with your friends. A way to attract an audience is to utilize apps like Trend Link. You can share your channel link in this application with a brief explanation about the topic of the channel.

Steps to find a group on WhatsApp by App Store

1. Open the App Store: Find the App Store icon from your phone’s home screen, tap it, and open the app.

2. Search for “Groups for WhatsApp“: The search icon is located at the bottom of the app. Each time you type in this box, you will see a list of results. By searching for phrase groups for WhatsApp, you can easily search for and find public WhatsApp groups on websites.

3. Tap the Get option: Wait a moment, this app will be installed on your iPhone or iPad.

4. Open groups for WhatsApp and join it: The app icon looks like a yellow and green speech bubble. This app is on the home screen. You will be asked to connect to your WhatsApp account. All links that are shared with you are public and visible to everyone on the web.

5. Review the group you want to join: You can browse the categories and select the most recent active groups.

6. Tap the Join option and join the group.

Steps to find a group on WhatsApp by Play Store

1. Enter the Google Play Store: Find, tap, and open the Google Play icon from the Home screen, or in the app drawer, or by searching for the phrase Google Play.

2. Search for “Groups for joining”: The search bar is located at the top of the search window. As you search for the phrase, a list of results will be displayed for you. Groups to Join is a third-party app that makes it easy for you to join public groups.

3. Tap the Install option: By tapping this option, the application will be installed on your Android device after a few moments.

4. Open the special program to join the group.

5. Tap the group you want to join: By tapping on the group you want, you will be redirected to the invitation link to join the group.

6. Tap the Join chat option: You will see this pop-up option in the bottom right corner of WhatsApp.

Last word

Whatsapp groups are great virtual rooms to share information among people so it looks fruitful to create or join them to gain more from social media apps.


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