A social platform as popular as Snapchat will not disclose its users’ phone numbers to any person or company unless it’s forced to do that because of a legal issue or something.

So if Snapchat won’t give you any phone numbers regarding its users, then how can you find someone’s phone number on the platform? Well, there are some methods that still can help and in this article, I’m going to show you what those methods are.

Can you find someone’s phone number on Snapchat?

The answer is both yes and no. On the one hand, you can’t just get someone’s phone number through Snapchat, because it doesn’t share its users’ numbers, on the other hand, a person might share his number on the bio. Also, someone may be eager to share his number with you if you ask for his number, etc.

Interestingly, a person may sign up on Snapcaht simply by his email address. Some users will not add their numbers when signing up on Snapchat and this is perfectly feasible. Therefore, In this case, even Snapchat won’t know its users’ phone numbers because they simply didn’t add their numbers. In addition, a person may sign up with a virtual number, or his number may no longer be in use, etc. Obviously, in all the mentioned scenarios, you can’t get a person’s phone number.

How to find someone’s phone number on Snapchat

By now you probably know there aren’t many options when it comes to finding a person’s phone number on Snapchat. But, there are still a few methods that can help you, so let’s see what those methods are.

#1 Send the person a friend request

If you want to get a person’s phone number on Snapchat for whatever reason you can simply send the person a friend request. If she accepts your request, then you can start to chat with her and if she is interested enough then chances are she will give you her phone number and hopefully you won’t have to go through all the hassle.

You may think that even if someone accepts your request, they won’t give you their number because they don’t know you. In such a scenario, you can build rapport with them before asking for their number.

#2 Ask a mutual friend for help

You can always ask a mutual friend on Snapchat to see if they have the person’s phone number.

Remember, the more mutual friends there are on Snapchat, the better chances you have to find a person’s phone number.

#3 Use different social platforms

Some people don’t share their phone numbers on one social media, but they share it on others. Many times I’ve seen that people usually share their numbers in their bio on Facebook and Linkedin, so these two social platforms as well as others are good places to look for someone’s phone number.

#4 Use Snapchat phone number lookup

Using a phone number lookup is yet another method that might be helpful. However, you need to know that using any services from such websites is not for free.


This is among the top websites that you can use to get someone’s phone number and other information as well. It’s a user-friendly website, and some of its features are as follows:

  • It shows you a person’s phone number as well as his contact details
  • Other information you can get from this website is a person’s social profile, dating profile if they are a member of any dating websites, home address, etc.
  • For each search you launch, you need to pay $0.95 or so
  • Only available in the US
  • To have a successful search result and get a person’s number, you can use their Snapchat name, or if you know them, you can use their real name. You can also use their email address, etc.

US Search

Being in business for 25 years and having an extensive database is what makes this website a reliable search engine for finding Snapchat user phone numbers. Some of the US Search features are as follows:

  • You can find a person’s phone number by searching their name, social profile, address, etc
  • It will even show you more than a phone number that belongs to the same person
  • They have a large database
  • Only available in US


Unlike the previous ones on the list, Socialcatfish allows you to search for almost all countries. If your country name isn’t on the list, choose United States instead, then select all searches, this might also help.

If a person has signed up on any social platform before, there is a high possibility for you to find their phone number. Since I already tested the website I would say their search engine is 90% accurate.


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