We spend many hours on social media, including Facebook. It is the main chunk of your lives today, and that is why we might get tired of its appearance and want to give it a new face once in a while. customizing Facebook appearance is possible in many ways, like changing fonts, themes, colors, etc.

Since most social platforms are limited in style and number of small text generator, people tend to use third-party apps. For changing Facebook fonts specifically, there are third-party applications and websites. Adjusting your Facebook page’s fonts can boost its style and give you a better experience of using Facebook.

Why do we need to change the Facebook fonts?

If you have a business, you will understand that changing your Facebook page’s fonts will help you stand out from competitors. Alongside other factors, one of the main solutions to differentiate a business page from others is changing the appearance. This will change the way they present themselves.

Also, if you have a personal account to connect with your friends and family, changing fonts is still necessary because Facebook has become a virtual house for many people since they spend lots of time there. So, consider this as changing the interior design of your home. Wouldn’t it be nice?

How to Change the font size on Facebook.

There are two basic elements of Facebook fonts. Size and style. The first way to change the font size of your Facebook page is to change the setting of your browser. This will change your browser’s fonts size in general, meaning every website you visit will have a bigger or smaller font according to your taste.

You can change the font in windows by holding Control and the + key. On a Mac, holding the Command and + key combination will do the same job. This will change your browser and your Facebook font size. To reduce the size, you should hold the Control and – key. Press it multiple times till you get the size of your preference

How to Change the Font Style on Facebook

Lingo jam

Lingo jam is mainly the first thing to pop up when you search for Facebook font changers. It is a free, easy-to-use website. The whole thing you need to do is to copy and paste your text inside the search box of the website. When you do that, it generates your texts in a whole set of different styles.

These font styles appear in combination with emojis or just plain text. Also, you don’t need to download their software or add their “newsletter” to your email inbox by signing up. Just paste the text and enjoy the result.

Using this platform, you can easily change the font of your Facebook bio, comments, message, etc. Most platforms are limited to copy and paste mechanism, which does not let you change the whole Facebook page font. But lingo jam gives you the benefit of changing every single word of your Facebook page, including the font of your Facebook posts.

Fb fonts

Another website for generating new Facebook fonts is Fb fonts. It is also easy to use and generates a package of new fonts, including emojis and fancy font styles. This can make personalizing your Facebook, a unique experience. It also gives you free access and does not cost a penny.


Another worth to mention website for generating Facebook fonts. It offers more than 150 different fonts to be used in various sections of your Facebook page like comments, bio, posts, etc. it has an easy-to-use interface and comes with many font styles.

It can be used for changing fonts on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. The golden fact here is that many of these platforms are not limited to Facebook; you can use them for other social media accounts too. So, according to the title of the Bigbangram, it is a website for “social media advancement.” That means it can generate hashtags, schedule your posts, and do many other things.


Last but not least Facebook font generator on the list is FontVilla. It gives you all sorts of different styles, various texts and basically all the text-related services. These services are, but not limited to, Cursive text Generator, Fancy text Generator, and small text generator.

To change the fonts, again, there is no mystery here. Just copy and paste it into the box, and it will generate new style texts. You can pick one according to your liking.


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