Based on the property prices for investment in Dubai Marina, ex-pats have a consensus that the Marina is one of the best spots to invest in real estate in Dubai. The manifold benefits of investing in the area include the stable economy, improved property types, and lifestyle in the area, unparalleled access to facilities, friendly faces, welcoming people, and a high number of foreigners living around the area, etc. The list is endless as people often have various reasons that appeal to them, which makes them in love with the Marina, beginning from the people, the buildings, the restaurants, the roads, etc.

According to Emirates.Estate the Dubai dream is one to be embraced. Since it was conceived in the 1990s, it has come alive and grown immeasurably. At the heart of that dream is the Marina, and the government has not hesitated in fortifying the Marina further, hence the anticipated new projects ongoing. You are set for a profitable start, and not that alone, you will also have an awesome time eating and having fun in the city.

First Tier Restaurants to eat in the Marina

Having a five-star restaurant at your doorstep could be such a flex and enjoyment. That is one of the many benefits that residents of the Marina enjoy. Great food, and a superb alternative when they decide to go Italian, French, Caribbean, etc. If you are in town and would like to eat in the best restaurants, below is a list you would find interesting:

Top Best Restaurants to Eat in Dubai Marina

Take some time to discuss the matters of the belle. These are lovely places you can eat quality dishes, with varying histories, and cultural types. According to reviews, here are the ten top best restaurants in the Marina for 2023.

  1. Motorino Pizzeria: The Best Pizza in New York, the Motorino Pizzeria has made its way into the hearts of Dubai, in the JBR. The company offers custom pizza recipes in its Dubai office, alongside cocktails, pasta, wines, etc. You could also get spirits and hard drinks which are perfect for evening nigh outs. The Motorino Pizzeria spot is quite packed day and night, so you may consider booking a reservation beforehand to save a table.
  2. The Dream Dubai Bar: The Dream Dubai Restaurant and Bar offer sizzling night shows and incredible food. The restaurant has a surreal club-like interior with light designs and splendid music. They offer creative live shows, performers, and Italian base meals. Their menus are made of starter meals, salads, and caviar, and they serve an amazing roasted chicken and whole salt baked sea bass, as signature meals, followed by tantalizing desserts for a finish.
  3. Asil Restaurant: Asil Dubai brings Turkey, Lebanon, and Morrocco to Dubai with its signature dishes extracted from those terrains. They have a branch in the JBR, and adjoining the Marina. They are open weeklong, except on Sundays when they only serve from 1 pm onwards. The restaurant has a bar menu, a brunch menu, and a combination of beverages to complement meals. Voted as the best Lebanese Turkish restaurant in Dubai.
  4. Alloro Restaurant: The Alloro Restaurant is a London brand replicated in the Marina side of Dubai (Dubai Marina Hotel). They offer Italian food, varying types of Pasta dishes, and pizza, coupled with breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, etc. They have full days all week long. Voted by far the best restaurant in the Dubai Marina Hotel for Italian. In the evenings, there is cool music to complement meals and help customers relax.
  5. Jun’s: Jun’s is one of the most popular restaurants in Dubai of all time. Many visitors to Dubai look forward to Chel Kelvin Cheung’s meals. It has a stellar track record, for combo dishes, such as Persian Kebab, and Japanese meatballs being served together with an Indian chili base, etc. Jun’s is one of the top restaurants to eat ever and is located downtown, but this list would be incomplete without mentioning it. They offer Asian, and American meals, a little bit of everything with a creative base.
  6. Mina’s Kitchen: Located in the Beach Resort, Marina, Mina’s kitchen serves an array of world cuisines, from grand buffets to single meals, liquor servings, etc. You can eat Asian, Mediterranean, to American starters, etc. Its starters include a Sushi platter, Prawn or chicken spring rolls, etc; salads, soups, sandwiches, etc, while main reals include Roast Salmon and Sous Vide Chicken Breast, etc.
  7. The Noodle’s House: Just as the name goes, this is a noodle joint in the JBR serving all kinds of soulful dishes. So, you can eat noodles, and other lovely delicacies made with a homely feel that makes it natural and soothing. They have an Asian undertone in the restaurant.
  8. Fogueira: The Fogueira serve Brazilian delicacies from appetizers to full course and desserts. They are great for any time of the day, and their customer service is splendid. It is a popular spot in Jumeirah Beach, Bahar 7.
  9. Nova Restaurant and Lounge: Reserve a table at the nova restaurant and Lounge to avoid disappointment as it is easily sold out. It is most alive at night, from 5 pm onwards, and features a live band, music, entertainment, etc. The food is great too.
  10. Mama Zonia: With Amazonian servings and quality delicacies. It is great for meals all time, and all day long, and well rated. You can ask for your dish to be adjusted however you like.

Some of these restaurants have arrangements for home delivery and offer a variety of dishes. Other than the food, the Marina is a great investment location, especially since it is a prime part of Dubai, and most expatriates and visitors are likely to visit there at least once during their visit to Dubai city. A property in the area is therefore in good positioning to be seen. You can read the official site for information on available properties.


Investing in property in Dubai Marina is not just a financial decision; it’s a lifestyle choice. With its unparalleled beauty, world-class amenities, and excellent investment potential, Dubai Marina offers a golden opportunity for investors.

Remember, in Dubai Marina, the sky’s the limit!


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