The immensely popular social media platform, Facebook, has always raised some questions in the minds of its users regarding the notification system. One of these questions is related to receiving notifications when other people take screenshots of your chats, pictures or stories.

Despite platforms like Snapchat that have implemented notification policies for these scenarios, Facebook has no such thing. It is absolutely paramount that you try to preserve your privacy by not sharing stuff that you might want to delete later on.

Does Facebook notify screenshots?

Well, the short answer is “NO”. Facebook has not implemented a mechanism to notify screenshots. However, previously there was an option to notify a person about a screenshot on video calls. In the following, we will clarify whether you can know if someone took a screenshot of different sections of your Facebook account.

Does Facebook notify screenshot a picture ?

Facebook still does not notify the other person when you screenshot a profile picture, a post, a message, or even a story of them. So unlike Snapchat or Instagram which notify when you take a screenshot, Facebook does not notify. Maybe things change on Facebook and it does notify its users when someone takes a screenshot, but for now, it doesn’t.

Does Facebook notify when you screenshot a post?

The same as other parts, Facebook does not notify you or others when someone screenshot a post on a page or on the Facebook personal account. Furthermore, Facebook does not notify screenshot of Facebook Dating too.

Taking Screenshots of Stories

If someone takes a screenshot of your stories, you will not be notified. Facebook cannot detect screenshots from stories at the moment. So, feel free to take screenshots of anyone’s stories that you wish to keep for yourself.

Taking Screenshots of Profile Pictures

If you are very eager to take a screenshot of other people’s profile pictures, and it makes you feel awkward that they might know, we are pleased to say that they never will. Facebook does not notify others if you take a screenshot of their profile pictures.

Taking Screenshots of Facebook Messenger Conversations

Now, this is where Facebook’s future updates are supposed change things a bit. It appears that Facebook intends to incorporate the option of being notified if someone has taken screenshots of your conversations within the Facebook Messenger. But for now, users will not be notified if screenshots of their conversation chats have been taken.

How to know if someone screenshots your Facebook story?

Unfortunately, there is no way to find out who did screenshots of your stories on Facebook. If you have this concern, it’s better not to share the personal pictures or at least limit the viewer of your Facebook story.


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