Looking for ways to change your Twitter password? If yes, this article could come in handy. We explain every possible method you can reset your Twitter password in no time.

What you learn here:

– How to change your password on desktop and mobile devices.

– Why you cannot gain access to your account.

– How to secure your account password.

Change Twitter Password on Desktop

If you have your previous password, follow these steps to set a new one:

  1. – Go to Twitter.com and log in to your account.
  2. – Click on More (three dots) on the sidebar.
  3. – Choose ‘Settings and Privacy.’
  4. – Then go to ‘Your Account.’
  5. – Click ‘Change Password.’
  6. – Enter the previous one and set a new pass.
  7. – Click ‘Save.’

Change Twitter Password on the App

  1. – Open the app and tap your PFP on the top-left corner.
  2. – Scroll down till you see ‘Settings and Privacy’ and tap it.
  3. – Go to ‘Your Account.’
  4. – Tap ‘Change Your Password.’
  5. – Enter current pass.
  6. – Choose a new one.
  7. – Tap ‘Update Password.’

What if You Forgot Your Previous Password?

You need to go to Settings and Privacy > Your Account > Change Your Password > and tap ‘Forgot password?’ You’ll be able to enter your email address or phone number to receive a reset link without entering your previous credentials.

What if You Don’t Have Access to Your Phone/Email?

There’s no solution to recover your password without entering your credentials. However, the following workarounds might help you regain access to your account without entering a phone number/email.

Method #1: Login page

  • On the app’s login page, tap ‘Forgot Password?’
  • In the new tab, enter your Twitter handle and tap search.
  • Next, enter your email address and tap ‘Submit.’
  • You’ll receive a link to reset your pass and regain access to your account.

Note: If you don’t have your email address, tap “I don’t have access to this information” below the submit button. You’ll be redirected to a new tab called ‘I’m having problems with my account.’ Here, set the first option to ‘I need to regain access to my account.’ And choose ‘I forgot my password’ in the next column.

Finally, tap on the email address or phone number option, so a form shows up. You need to fill out this form and let the Twitter team know how or why you cannot access your information. They’ll review your request and help you change your Twitter password if necessary.

Method #2: Using a browser

On a browser, go to https://www.twitter.com/accounts/begin_password_reset.

  • – Enter your handle or username and click ‘Search.’
  • – Enter your email address to receive the password reset link.
  • – Click “I don’t have access to this information” if you don’t remember your email address.
  • – Fill out the form as explained and wait for the Twitter team’s response.

Here’s Why You Don’t Receive the Confirmation Email or Code

You have to use the link Twitter sends to your email or the code it sends to your phone to change your password. But some users claim they don’t receive the said messages no matter what. If that’s the case, here are the potential reasons.

You’ve blocked Twitter Number.

Your phone might target Twitter’s number and send it to the spam section without noticing you. So, if you cannot receive the confirmation code, check your spammy or blocked contacts.

You Haven’t Checked Your Email Spam/Junk.

Not receiving the Twitter password change email can be because of automatic spam detection on your side. Make sure you check the spam tray and junk section on your email app before requesting another link. You can also use your email application’s search bar to look up ‘Twitter’ to see and the emails from the social media giant.

You Changed the Password but Still Can’t Log in (Why?)

Twitter might lock you out of your account for the following reasons: 1) Security concerns, 2) automated behaviors, 3) violation of rules, and 4) suspicious activity. If that’s the case, you might not be able to log in to your account for a while.

When you finally access your account, head to the notifications section and tap the alert that says ‘We’ve temporarily limited some of your account features.’ Follow the instructions on the screen to unlock your account again.

Things to Know About Changing Your Twitter Password

It’s important to know that resetting your credentials on Twitter has some consequences. See below.

It logs you out of all other devices.

All your logged-in devices will lose access to the account when you change your Twitter password. You need to use your new credential to log back into your profile on other devices. However, this does not apply to the apps that you’ve associated with your account. So, you don’t have to sync the apps again.

You can’t use your phone number if you have multiple accounts.

Twitter won’t send you an SMS verification code when your phone number is associated with several accounts. If that’s the case, you have to use the email address that you’ve linked to that particular profile. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to change your password.

How to Secure Your Twitter Password

You may receive a credential reset email request or verification code while you haven’t requested it. It’s a red flag indicating someone might be trying to gain access to your account. So, how do you secure your password even further? Here are the two steps you need to take.

Password Reset Protection

Go to your profile > Settings and Privacy > Security and Account Access > Security. From here, check the box that says, “Additional Password Protection.” You’ll need to reenter your credentials to save the changes.

Two-Factor Authentication

In the same path (Settings and Privacy > Security and Account Access > Security), find and tap the option that says ‘Two-Factor Authentication.’ Check the first box and enter the SMS code you receive. It will activate an additional security step to ensure your account is safe.

Wrapping Up Things You Just Learned

  • You have to access your email or phone number to change your Twitter password.
  • You should go to Settings and Privacy > Your Account > Change Your Password to change your credentials.
  • You can receive a recovery link or SMS by selecting the ‘Forgot Password?’ option on the log-in page.
  • You may not be able to change your Twitter password for a while when your account is locked.
  • Ensure you haven’t blocked the Twitter phone number. Otherwise, you won’t receive the verification codes.
  • If you don’t receive the password reset links, always check your email’s spam and junk section.
  • Secure your account credentials by activating the two-factor authentication and additional password protection options.

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