People have always been interested in photography and photo editing, which has only grown with technological advancements and the widespread use of smartphones and social media. If you’re interested in photo editing, you probably heard about VSCO. VSCO is a photo and video editing app with many professional filters and a community where you can connect with other enthusiasts and share your photos. When you share something, you can see how many people saw your photo, and you may ask whether you can see who views your VSCO account and designs.

In this article, we explore what VSCO is, the concept of views on VSCO, and answer your question.

What is VSCO?

VSCO is a popular photography app embraced by a large user base of young individuals for its editing, sharing, and photo exploration capabilities. The app offers a free version, but plus and pro subscription unlocks supplementary features. To begin utilizing VSCO, you need to create an account, after which you can promptly begin uploading your photos, making edits, and sharing your creative endeavors with fellow users.

What is the concept of VSCO views?

VSCO is one of the world’s largest photo and video editing apps. Consequently, it has one of the largest communities in the world, where people can share their designs, communicate together, and see what others have designed. When you share your image or video, you can see how often your design is viewed by the community on VSCO.

Can you see who views your VSCO?

VSCO provides many features that you, as someone who loves photo and video editing, can change anything on your photo and video. Also, like any popular social media like Instagram, you can share your photo with VSCO users.

Unfortunately, there is no option to see who views your VSCO. It’s because VSCO, amidst the vast array of engagement-oriented social media platforms, stands out as a platform that prioritizes privacy and emphasizes photos more than making connections. On VSCO, users can share their photos with others. Still, unlike many other platforms, no feature reveals who has viewed their photos.

Likewise, as a user, you can view as many photos as you desire without worrying about the uploader being notified of your viewing activity. VSCO creates a more secluded and personal space for individuals to showcase their photography, fostering a focus on artistry and visual expression rather than the social interactions surrounding it.

Does VSCO notify when you follow?

Yes, VSCO notifies users when someone follows them. However, the notification is only displayed within the VSCO app and not sent as a push notification or an email. So, if you choose to follow someone on VSCO and they have the app open, they will receive a notification indicating that you have followed them.

Can you ban someone on VSCO?

Currently, VSCO does not offer a feature to ban someone from accessing your VSCO profile. However, you can block individuals if you wish to restrict their access to your account. By blocking someone on VSCO, they cannot follow you or view any of your posts. If you want to learn how to block someone on VSCO, we have a comprehensive blog post with detailed instructions!


VSCO provides a space for users to explore photo editing tools, connect with a community of like-minded individuals, and share their creative works. However, when it comes to views, VSCO prioritizes privacy over engagement.

Unlike many other platforms, VSCO does not reveal who views your VSCO. This emphasis on privacy creates a more personal and secluded environment, allowing users to focus on their photography’s artistry and visual expression. So, while you can see how often your design is viewed on VSCO, the platform does not disclose the viewers’ identities, maintaining a privacy-oriented approach. Enjoy photo editing by VSCO and share them with your friends.


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