Despite being considered as a social communication tool, social media are increasingly popular in other domains of business. Social gatecrashed into the business world unnoticed, enabling firms to establish fan pages and post videos, news, and photos, primarily for marketing purposes. Different companies witnessed different levels of social media success. Some companies, such as Zoom Video Communications, Inc., became noticed for their use of social media to positively impact the society during the coronavirus pandemic.

Zoom — Connecting People

Zoom is an American communications technology company with headquarters in San Jose, CA. As a platform, Zoom is used for teleconferencing, distance education, social relations, and telecommuting. The outbreak of Coronavirus brought Zoom to the limelight as the society had to appreciate its existence.

With many restrictions on physical movements, people had to rely on remote communications technologies, and Zoom was better placed to offer its services to the dejected world society confronting the pangs of the virus. Zoom has also become a true helper for educators, when almost all classes moved to online.

Arguably, things got a bit more complicated both for students and teachers, but guys at Zoom tried their best to make this transition easier. Obviously, the perception of information in class differs from the same process online, especially when it comes to practical STEM studies. Ironically, technology is often better learnt in old-fashioned class-based ways.

In general, Zoom is known for bringing people together during the Coronavirus pandemic; consequently, the company has improved online social interactions during the pandemic.

Zoom and Social Integration

As evident in the Zoom’s webpages, the company has integrated social into its websites. At the bottom of the Zoom’s website, various social media links, including LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, are provided to direct visitors to its social media pages. By directing visitors to these pages, the company seeks to increase interactions with customers and solidify relationships with them.

Zoom has created a social network site that is utterly different from companies. For instance, the company’s Facebook page is noticeable with its catchphrase “Bringing the world together, one meeting at a time.”

This catchphrase coincides with the actions and services that the company offers to the society during the pandemic. In essence, the catchphrase shows that the company is focused on enabling people to interact despite the social distancing regulations imposed by governments worldwide.

Zoom and Entertainment Industry

Zoom’s YouTube channel also contains encouraging videos aimed at giving the society hope for a future without the coronavirus. As much as the company has achieved its success during the pandemic, it still hopes that the society will be free of the virus and normalcy will return.

The YouTube videos show that the company is not afraid of being rendered useless if normalcy resumes. In essence, Zoom is banking on its strong brand created during the pandemic for its future success.

Worth noting is that Zoom sends the same message across all its social media networks. The videos in the company’s YouTube channel are also accessible through its Twitter handle and Facebook page.

The catchphrase in the company’s Facebook page is also integrated in its Twitter profile. The importance of sending a unified message is that it enables the company to develop consistency in its social media strategy.

Zoom and Media Distribution

Each time Zoom adds a post to its social media platform, it includes an image or video. The inclusion of short videos and images break the monotony of reading the posts. Instead of reading, visitors to the company’s pages can watch the short videos and grasp the message quickly. In these videos, although short and precise, the company strives to send a clear message aimed at uniting the global society to thwart the virus.

Indisputably, Zoom has left an ineradicable impact on the society. The company has managed to unite business and people in a socially distant world. Social media has been pivotal in its efforts of uniting the world as it facilitated the transmission of positive messages across the world to millions of people.


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