With over 2.85 billion active followers by July 2021, Facebook has become the world’s most popular social network. And it isn’t just Facebook alone; people who use Instagram or WhatsApp are also in the Facebook world. While using Facebook messenger, you’ll be able to communicate free until problems like Facebook notifications pop up all around you, and when they do it, it might not just be on your android or iOs as it could affect other platforms.

The stats support the idea that many of us use Facebook as a fundamental way of connecting with others and that is exactly why unexpected bugs and problems can be more than a simple annoyance.

Facebook notifications not working, why is that?

One of the useful features of Facebook is the notifications that can help you keep track of upcoming events, including birthdays and anniversaries, especially when you’re following hundreds of people. Facebook notifications will act as a savior on these occasions.

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Although there might be some problems with Facebook notifications from time to time as you won’t be receiving any notifications for a while. This problem may occur due to various reasons but the important goal is to solve the situation.

# Check your browsers’ settings

Sometimes this problem might originate from the Chrome browser as Facebook would not load on chrome and cause this kind of problem.

It would be best if you allowed Facebook notifications on chrome to receive them. For that, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. Find the customize and control Google Chrome at the top right of the window and click on it.
  3. Select settings.
  4. find the privacy and security from the left pane and click on it.
  5. Find the site settings and click on them.
  6. Scroll down to find the Notifications located under the permissions.
  7. Check if Facebook is among the Block site list.
  8. If so, click on the three vertical dots and select the Allow button.

# Check your systems’ settings

Sometimes there might be a case of accidentally turning off the news or bugs on the system are responsible. If you can’t receive new Facebook notifications on the desktop, you need to check whether your computer allows you to get Notification or not. To do that, follow these instructions:

  1. Open Windows Settings by holding Windows + I
  2. Select click System, which is located on the first row from your left
  3. Click Notification & action from the left pane.
  4. Look into the Notification section in the right pane.
  5. Make sure that the feature Get Notifications from apps and other senders is activated.
  6. Scroll down to find the Show notifications on the lock screen feature and start it.

 An outdated browser, especially if you’re using Chrome to open your Facebook account, can cause this problem.

Make sure to update the browser to its latest version. If you are trying to access your Facebook account through chrome to check the status of Facebook notifications, you need to follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your account, go to the homepage, click on the upside-down triangle located in the top-right corner, and choose Settings.
  2. Here, you can turn on notifications for numerous activities.
  3. As you turn on the required notifications, double-check to see if the notification problem has been resolved.

You might also need to clear the browser’s cache. To do that, you can open your browser and click Settings, and from the available list options, click on the clear to cache and remove them from the browser. To do that, follow these guidelines:

  • Open the Chrome browser on your computer.
  • Find the three vertical dot buttons on the top right.
  • Click on the More tools option and then choose the Clear browsing data.
  • Select a time range, and to delete everything, click on the All-time button.
  • Click on Clear data.

Facebook notifications not working on iPhone

In some cases, there is a problem with your Facebook notification on your iPhone. It doesn’t matter if you have the latest version of the iPhone or the older ones; this issue is common in most iOS phones. Here, we have six main solutions to solve the problem;

Number 1: Check Facebook Notification in Settings.

Sometimes you can’t receive any notification from Facebook because Push notifications are turned off. Go to the “Settings” app or menu, and after that, navigate to the “Notifications” menu. Then, look for the “Facebook” app from the list. Once able to find it, open it and enable the “Allow Notifications.”

Number 2: Reinstall Facebook App.

Suppose you have set the notification settings manually but still are not working. Then, you can delete the Facebook app from your iDevice and then reinstall the app from the App Store. You can delete the app by long-pressing the app icon and then, click on the delete icon.

Number 3: Check the “Do Not Disturb” option.

If you have enabled the “Do Not Disturb” option, it will disable your Facebook leading notification system. You can check by opening the “Settings” app and then tapping on the “Do Not Disturb” to turn it off. After that, check if it is enabled, then disable it.

Number 4: Update Facebook App

Inevitably, sometimes the older version of the Facebook app creates minor issues. Open the App Store app and then tap on the “Updates” tab from the bottom tab bar to make the problem fixed. After that, you will see all the apps that need to be updated, which could probably be your Facebook app, too.

Number 5: Restart your iPhone.

Sometimes it has been created a vicious cycle or a transient bug in your iPhone, and it doesn’t let you use the notification of Facebook. To reset the status, you can restart your phone and see whether the problem is resolved.

Number 6: Update iOS Version

If you have the latest version of Facebook, you maybe find your problem solved by upgrading your iOS version. Open the “Settings” app and then open the “General” menu. Next, you will see the “Software Update” option and if it has notification of the next update, click on it.

Facebook notifications not working on Android

Same as iOS, you may also have some troubles with Android devices. For this problem, we also have six possible solutions that you can use as follows;


You should know Android has a built-in notification setting for apps, and you can turn it off or on. To see if it is turned on for Facebook, follow these steps;

1-Tap settings on your phone followed by Apps or Apps & notifications

2-Under Apps, tap Facebook. Then hit App notifications

3-Finally, make sure notifications are turned on. If notifications are off, tap the toggle to turn them on.


Like Android built-in notification settings, the Facebook app also contains notification settings, which could be turned on or off. To check them, follow these steps;

1-Open the Facebook app on your Android phone and tap the three-bar icon in the top-right corner.

2-Next, Scroll down and click on the “Settings & Privacy” icon. Tap on “Settings.”

3-Finally, tap on Notification settings. You will see various types of notification categories. Tap on each and make sure Push is enabled.

Number three: Clear cache

Sometimes your phone is stuck up with a lot of cache data, and you need to clear it. To remove the app cache for the Facebook app, go to Apps under phone Settings. Look for Facebook. Then tap Storage. Under Storage, wipe Clear Cache.

Number four: Data restrictions

Another built-in setting that can prevent from displaying notifications is “Data restrictions.” If enabled, apps don’t sync data in the background, which results in no push notifications.

Number five: Update the Facebook app.

Make sure you are using the latest version of the Facebook app on your phone. To check it, go to Google Play and search for Facebook. If you see an update is available for you, it is better to download it.

Number six: Log out from all sessions

Sometimes the problem is account-related, and there is no problem with your device. It means that if you sign in using another Facebook account on their phone, they will start getting push notifications. To check this issue, follow these steps;

1-Go to Facebook on your desktop

2-Tap the small down arrow present at the top-right corner and select “Settings” from the menu

3-From the left, click on “Security And Login.” Under Where you are logged in, click on the “See More” option.

4-Next, scroll down and click Log out of all sessions. This will log you out from all the signed-in devices.

5-Finally, sign in to Facebook from your phone

# Facebook Messenger not working 

You may experience problems working with messages on Facebook. You won’t be able to send or receive notifications, and things will worsen when you realize you can’t even view your previous messages, and the only thing you’ll be seeing is a white Blank Page. This problem often happens when you try to send messages on Facebook via Chrome browser. Now, what can we do to solve this problem? 

Follow these instructions:

1. It might be a good idea to log out of your Facebook account and re-login. You need to make sure of clearing the browser’s cache and data.

2. Don’t forget about checking network connections; try to find a reliable resource.

3.  Update your browser to its latest version. If you can’t send messages, it might mean that you are blocked on Facebook, so it’s better to make sure of this first. If so, you should see the ”you have been blocked from sending messages” sign.

4. Also, there might be a problem with Facebook servers, which is a global problem, and you don’t have to do anything to solve it. Just wait out till everything gets back to normal.

Some of the main Facebook notifications errors (and how to fix them)

1. Facebook crashes

One of the common problems of Facebook is its crashes. This happens when the app gets completely shut down and takes you right to the home screen. Multiple reasons can explain this problem, especially with Apple devices. It could be an outdated software version, or you simply ran out of storage spaces, and of course, there might be other underlying reasons.

Here are your options for dealing with Facebook crashes:

    • Firstly you need to check for updates and update the application to its latest version.
    • You might need to free up some storage space on your phone.
    • It might be a good idea to soft reset your phone and have a fresh start. Your last option is to uninstall and reinstall the app and see how things will go.

2. Spam Posts on Facebook

Every one of us knows how frustrating it is to have to deal with unpleasant posts. We all have an aunt or an uncle who’s into posting everything that comes to their head or a friend who thinks it’s cool to post about every simple activity that they’re doing or going to do in life. 

To avoid this kind of post and save your time dealing with this nonsense, there’s no need to unfriend your friends and family or hurt their feelings. You can simply unfollow them. This way, you will still be friends with them and wouldn’t have to see any of their updates any more.

3. Facebook Videos not playing

As videos are the second-largest popular content on Facebook, you can realize their essential role. In the meantime, users might face the “videos won’t play on Facebook” sign occasionally. We are here to discuss some of the problems causing this mess: a poor network connection, an outdated browser version, or any other possible reason that doesn’t matter. The critical point here is to try to deal with it. Read on to find out the solution to these problems:

    • When the page or the browser you’re viewing stops responding, and even videos don’t work, at this point, it might be helpful to refresh the browser.
    • As mentioned earlier, videos might not work due to poor internet connection. Hence it might be better to restart the modem or switch to data if necessary and see how things will go.
    • Another solution is to update your Adobe Flash Player to its latest version. Make sure that you are using the latest version of Facebook.

4. Comments won’t load on Facebook

Many users have had problems loading Facebook comments; as they clicked the comment button, they got to see a loading loop on the app. If you also had this problem with your Facebook account, you would better follow these instructions:

1. Double-check your internet connection and if you have problems, see that you are using a reliable network resource.

2. Refresh the browser or quit and reopen Facebook.

3. Sometimes, the cache can slow down the whole device; if so, you may need to clear the browser’s or Facebook’s cache on your phone. The best way to do this is to uninstall and reinstall the app. As your last shot, you can log out and try to re-login to your Facebook account.

5. Can’t share images on Facebook

Probably every user who’s into images has seen the ”Facebook can’t load pictures” sign at least once. Try the solution we provided here to avoid this problem:

1. Don’t forget to install the latest updates of Facebook Uninstall and reinstall the app if needed.

2. You might want to clear the cache and extensions of the browser.

Bottom Line

In this article, we tried to give a handbook on finding solutions for Facebook errors; I hope you find it helpful. We are all aware that these kinds of problems might sometimes become frustrating. Still, indeed, you got the idea that you can have a more enjoyable experience on Facebook with the correct settings and using reliable extensions.


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