Holding contests and giving gifts on Instagram is a great way to attract new and potential users, engage the audience and build trust between them. But one of the factors that really is important and helps to increase users’ trust is the way you pick your giveaway winner.

The more transparent your giveaway on Instagram is, the more credibility you will have. There are a lot of giveaways on Instagram every day. This is a good and practical method for business marketing and gives users a chance to win a gift. Stay with us to teach you how to use this service.

You to Gift Instagram & YouTube winner picker

  • You to Gift provides a safe service. If you decide to register on this website, you do not need to enter your Instagram username and password. You only have to use the link of the post you want.
  • The winner of the Giveaway will be selected based on profile subscriptions, likes, and comments. In addition, you can download all the information related to your Instagram likes, comments, and followers and open it in Excel.
  • This service uses all the collected information, and because the names of all the users are in the Excel document, this service is fair. Users can see their usernames in the list by clicking on the link you put in your post.
  • This service has been active since 2019, and about 2 million giveaways have been run there. So this service is verified.
  • This service is free. You can download its app and run the first giveaways for free.
  • You can use its screen recorder to record the process and post it on your Instagram to increase transparency. Of course, before starting, A reminder will show you to use the screen recorder if needed.

How to use You to Gift Instagram & YouTube winner picker

  1. Go to the You to Gift website or open its app.
  2. Click on the Pick a winner button on the website’s main page. If your post is on Instagram, use the button located in the Pick an Instagram winner section. Otherwise, click on the Pick a Youtube winner section button.
  1. Put the link of your Giveaway post in the relevant textbox and click on the find button.
  1. Select your database collection option. You can choose “All the comments,” “unique comments,” or “likes.” The winner will be chosen from the database collection you choose.
  1. Type the number of winners in the textbox and click on the Pick a winner button.
  1. A new page related to the winner selection page comes up. Then click on the button to choose the winner. This button creates a random number and shows the information of the person with that number.
  • The service checks the winner to make sure that the user has liked your giveaway post and followed your Instagram page.
  • You can click on the View participant’s comments button if you want to check the winner’s comments.
  • There is a Change the winner button you can use to pick a new winner. If the winner doesn’t follow all the rules you choose, you can change the winner to a new person.
  1. After you select all the winners, click on the Complete the giveaway button.

How to export data in Excel file

  1. If you want to put the information about likes, comments and subscriptions in an excel file, copy the link of the post in the text box and press the find button.
  2. Specify your data collection.
  3. After the data collection process is done, save it and specify your file format for saving (Excel or CSV format).

Different kinds of random generators in You to Gift

This service provides two types of random generators:

  • A random list generator takes a list as input and chooses one of the list members as a random result.
  • A random number generator that helps you find a number in a limited range.


You to Gift is an online service that helps admins of Instagram pages and YouTube channels to select one or more people as a giveaway winner. The criteria for this selection can be based on likes, comments, and subscriptions. You can save data about people in an Excel file. Among its advantages, we can mention the feature of a screen recorder and sharing the process of choosing winners with users.


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