Xbox black screen of death is a common problem that may happen to you due to various causes. If you have turned your Xbox One on and all you can see is a black screen (the black screen of death), there is no need to panic.

In this article, we are going to answer these questions:

  • What Causes black screen of death on Xbox One?
  • How do I fix my Xbox One when the screen is black?
  • Why does my Xbox turn on, but the screen is black?

Keep reading to find the best solutions to the Xbox one black screen of death problem so you can have fun playing your favorite games again.

What is the Xbox black screen of death?

As an Xbox user, sometimes you might turn on your Xbox console and TV, but all you can see is an entirely black screen, and no content is showing; this is called the “black screen of death.” 

There are several reasons why Xbox One gamers may experience a “Black Screen” issue.

What Causes black screen of death on Xbox One?

Unfortunately, the Xbox One’s black screen of death is a common problem with the console.

There are several causes for the XboxOne’s black screen of death. The most common cause is an incorrect setup or a hardware failure, but a software issue can also cause it.

The Xbox black screen of death can occur due to a software bug or a software glitch in the UI or dashboard, a power glitch, a failure in the startup process, a problem with the connection, or a software update (mainly in the Xbox Insider Program) or other issues.

Xbox one has a black screen issue after the update.

Sometimes, the black screen problem might occur after a new update. You can effortlessly fix this issue by following the steps explained in this article. 

How to Fix Xbox One Black Screen of Death?

Regardless, if you’re experiencing a Black Screen issue on your Xbox One gaming console, we can help. So, to help you out, we’ve listed some possible solutions for fixing the Xbox One Black Screen problem.

1 – Restart Xbox One to fix the black screen of death

one of the most common and most straightforward solutions to Xbox black screen is to restart the console. Surprisingly this method is effective in a lot of situations.

To Restart Xbox One:

  • Press and hold the Xbox button on the console for at least ten seconds.
  • After the Xbox is turned off, remove the power cord from the outlet, and wait 10 seconds
  • to check all the connections to the TV, speakers, etc.
  • Reinsert the power cord into the outlet and turn on the console
  • Check whether the problem is solved or not. 
  • If not, try other solutions.

2 – Disconnect all the Xbox One Peripherals

occasionally the external devices you connect to your Xbox One can cause the black screen of death.

One of the Peripheral devices, like the expansion cards or the USB hard drives, might interfere while the system is trying to update the software and can lead to a black screen of death.

In this scenario, disconnecting all the external devices can help solve the problem. 

The only cords that remain should be:

  • the main power cord
  • the ethernet cable
  • the HDMI cable

Turn the device on without any peripherals and let the Xbox finish updating the software. You can reattach all the Peripherals without any problem.

3 – check your Xbox one connections

if you are dealing with the Xbox black screen of death; there might be a problem with your connections.

Before going for more invasive solutions, checking your device connections is best.

  1. check if both TV and Xbox are plugged in and turned on
  2. check the HDMI connection between the TV and Xbox
  3. check your TV input setting and make sure its set to the correct HDMI port
  4. if the problem remains, try with another HDMI cable or change the HDMI port
  5. connect the Xbox to another TV or monitor and see if the black screen is still there or not
  6. if you use an AV Receiver, try connecting the console directly to the TV.

4 – take out the Blu-ray disk

Sometimes if you insert a Blu-ray disk into the Xbox console, it can cause the black screen of death. To solve the problem:

  1. eject the disk
  2. restart the console
  3. enter the “guide” section by pressing the Xbox button
  4. go to Profile & system
  5. open the Settings
  6. enter the General category
  7. go to the TV & display
  8. go to video modes
  9. turn the Allow 24Hz off

5 – Xbox one factory reset to fix the black screen.

If you tried everything, but the problem with the Xbox one black screen remains, the last resort is to Hard Reset the console. 

A hard reset or factory reset on Xbox will delete all your data, including your account information and games. 

How to factory reset Xbox One:

Method 1: if you can see the screen:

  1. open the guide by pressing the Xbox button
  2. select Profile & system
  3. open Settings and then go to Console info
  4. select Reset Console
  5. select Reset and remove everything

Method 2: if you are dealing with Xbox one black screen of death, obviously you can’t see anything on the screen, and doing the reset factory with the first method is impossible.

So if you can’t see anything on display, use this method:

  • You need a USB flash drive with a minimum capacity of 4GB, a computer, and an internet connection.
  1. format the USB drive to NTFS
  2. Google Factory Reset file for Xbox One
  3. download and extract the ZIP file
  4. connect the USB flash drive to the computer
  5. find the “$SystemUpdate” file and copy it to the USB flash drive (make sure the flash drive is empty)
  6. remove the USB from the computer
  7. turn off the Xbox console
  8. unplug the power cord from the outlet
  9. wait at least 30 seconds
  10. reconnect the power cord to the outlet but don’t turn on the console
  11. insert the USB flash drive into the Xbox USB port
  12. Press and hold the pair button and the eject button
  13. Press the Xbox while holding the pair button and the eject button and hold for at least 10 -15 seconds
  14. release the button after you hear two tones
  15. while the console is restarting, remove the USB drive
  16. follow the on-screen instructions 


This article discussed different strategies to solve the Xbox One black screen of death. We hope this information helped solve your black screen of death issue on your Xbox One. You can share your solutions and experiences with us in the comments below. 

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