Your company needs to maintain a stable marketing approach when you’re trying to grow your brand. It’s a universal truth. Wherever you look, you’ll see that brands are trying to give their customers the best experience by working closely with marketing companies like Brutal Marketing

Recently, a new marketing theory has taken the business world by storm. It’s holistic marketing. Many companies have adopted it into their strategy for a unified approach. It’s considered to be the new smart marketing strategy.

If you have heard of this strategy and are on the edge of incorporating it, here’s why you should consider a holistic marketing approach. This article should clear up all your confusion and help you make a smart decision.

What Is Holistic Marketing?

Holistic marketing is a marketing strategy where the whole company and its working sectors aim to achieve the same common goal. This strategy seeks to link the different platforms together to reach multiple customer bases.

It creates a sense of security and positivity, making customers choose them rather than their competitors. Hence, the strategy is all about customer satisfaction. In this sense, it also fits the old expression, “The customer is always right.”

The holistic marketing concept may be relatively new to the marketing sector but is pretty old in the field of psychology. You have to have a clear understanding of your targeted demographic and work accordingly. This will help create customer-centric content and achieve the goal of holistic marketing.

Four components are imperative in working toward a holistic marketing approach: 

1. Relationship marketing

2. Integrated marketing

3. Internal marketing

4. Socially responsible marketing

Without holistic marketing, achieving the same level of customer satisfaction throughout your company is impossible. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Integrated Marketing

You can say integrated marketing is the second pillar of the holistic marketing approach. It involves a unified, cohesive, and smooth experience building for customers throughout your marketing platforms.

Pricing, sales, placement, advertisement, social media marketing, public relations, and communications all work together to provide a positive customer experience.

The whole concept ensures that your brand image remains positive, influential, and consistent throughout your branches.

However, integrated marketing requires in-depth knowledge about holistic marketing, which can be time-consuming to learn. That’s why many businesses bring a holistic marketing agency to glue all the pieces together. It’s best to get professional help to develop your strategy.

2. Relationship Marketing

Building a solid customer connection is probably a company’s most essential and challenging task. You have to understand the likes, dislikes, wants, and demography of your customers to hold on to them. This is why so many now choose to invest in professional PR and marketing for tech companies; working with experts who understand the biggest challenges and greatest opportunities, so can build relationships and shape messaging to best fit their goals.

Relationship marketing helps a company in the long run. Customers are more likely to be loyal to a company that has served them well. You will notice that it is easier to hold on to old customers than acquire new ones. Another advantage is it also costs less if you don’t have financial support for advertising.

Moreover, relationship marketing believes in putting customers first and sales second. But it was the other way around for some traditional marketing approaches. If you don’t provide your regular customers good service, your new customers can’t make up for losing a loyal customer.

3. Internal Marketing

We have been talking about how important a customer is to the business. But you should also know all the people working behind the scenes to make your business grow are just as important.

Knowing and acknowledging the importance of employees is internal marketing. Employees are a significant part of the company who help deliver top-notch customer services.

In this marketing strategy, a customer’s experience is based not only on products or services but also on employee-customer interactions. So, keeping employees motivated and happy in your company is better.

Practical training, internal communications, good corporate culture, and acknowledgment of good work are essential factors to achieving internal marketing. Always remember—what sets a company apart is its people!

4. Socially Responsible Marketing

As a company, if you have ever thought of helping a cause or the environment, the final component of holistic marketing can help you achieve it. Socially responsible marketing is all about giving out a portion of the sales for a cause.

It may appear as an out-of-the-blue concept, but many renowned brands use this marketing concept. It aims to attract customers who purchase products to support a cause. This not only increases sales but also enhances brand image and reputation.

Many brands call socially responsible marketing social-cause marketing, environmental marketing, societal marketing, green marketing, etc. But the aim remains the same throughout the concept: to help society and the environment thrive.

Socially responsible marketing also helps strengthen customer relationships. Customers feel more interconnected to a company when they know you are working for something meaningful.

Benefits of Holistic Marketing

The holistic marketing approach is spreading to different companies around the world. This proves that holistic marketing definitely has some significant benefits. You should do your research and decide if it is for you and your business.

Cohesive Branding

If your company’s physical stores are different from your social media platforms, it will hamper your brand image. It shows your brand isn’t cohesive.

If your brand isn’t cohesive, it’s probably sending the wrong information to the customers and losing your business.

Holistic marketing helps bring cohesiveness to your brand so that customers aren’t misled or misinformed and they’re confident about the service they will get.

Focusing on the End Goal

All of your departments need to work together if you are trying to reach a specific sales, customer, or marketing goal.

The holistic approach helps combine the focus of all of your departments into a single entity. It helps to achieve the end goal successfully and efficiently.

New Business Opportunities

A holistic marketing approach can give you an overview of your company’s up-sales and down-sales. It can then help decide to cut costs or increase the product flow. 

Moreover, the sales team and the customer relations team have the opportunity to focus on improving the system and service to hold on to loyal customers. Hence, it will increase the chance of finding new demography and business opportunities in the market.

Happy and Satisfied Customers

In a competitive market, you can’t only focus on your sales. It will eventually lead to the failure of your company.

Usually now, as products are becoming widely available, customers choose to take their business to companies that can provide them the best service.

A holistic marketing approach helps to handle customers with care and retain loyalty. This ensures steady brand growth and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Helps Stand Out

Are you having trouble making your business stand out among your competitors? Well, holistic marketing helps to achieve the goal.

When your company has a clear purpose and unique aim, it helps reach out to more customers with the same thought process. Holistic marketing allows you to stabilize your brand purpose aligned with your company’s ambition.

Brand Growth

Company or brand growth doesn’t only coincide with the increase in sales. The accomplishment actually comes through having passionate employees and customers who align with your company’s purpose.

When your employees are passionate about their job, your company will flourish, and you’ll see profit margins reaching the sky without any extra effort.

Moreover, having people excited to work with your company is a blessing.

Give Holistic Marketing a Try

Although holistic marketing is a fairly new concept, it’s pretty popular and has been proven efficient. Businesses find the marketing strategy appealing because of its focus on good customer management and brand image-building ability.

We did our best to explain the concept and benefits of holistic marketing. But now the decision is totally yours. You should choose a marketing approach that suits your company and budget.

Lastly, be creative and collaborative and work for what you believe with a team you can rely on.


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