Students crave the internet and all of its resources. Being on Instagram is the fad for most students nowadays. It’s becoming an integral part of the students, and there is no denying that it’s one of the most influential media out there.

But why is it that almost every student has an Instagram these days? To be sincere, no definitive factor has made Instagram so popular. It’s a combination of several factors that create a social network where students meet with celebrities worldwide.

Great pictures

If you have ever been on Instagram, you will agree that most pictures are amazing. Students love Instagram because their top-type images can efficiently perform well within a short period. To most of them. Scrolling through the endless feed of quality pictures is more comfortable than reading some articles.

Many social media platforms prioritize visual content, and its importance on this social network is just obvious. It’s possible to create multi-image posts on this app. And this allows the students to create interesting narratives. Hence, there is room to stretch out and be more creative with how students showcase different images.

Being on Instagram offers a thrilling experience. That’s why the students can spend hours on this social network watching different images. To perform better in school, there is a need to ensure a balance is created. Sometimes, with many assignments, there can hardly be enough time for Instagram. To ensure students get quality time for this social network, they can seek professional help with their assignments from Edubirdie online platform. This site has the best, highly qualified writers who will deliver quality content within the set deadlines. 

It’s easy to use Instagram

As a student, do you remember the last time you opened Instagram? Well, you will agree that this app is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive. It works so well with any smartphone. As soon as you open the app, it will take you directly to the News Feed, depending on your settings.

Depending on your selection, you will see the recent uploads or content that you have set to appear first. Unlike other social media platforms, students don’t have to keep refreshing to see the trending pictures as they will be given priority. More interestingly, it will notify you once you have viewed everything recently shared by the following users.

It gives a perfect glimpse of users

Most of the student work is research-oriented. If you are an active user of different social media platforms, you will agree that most of the posts on this app are of an excellent standard. You can easily get a perfect glimpse into the lives of the users you follow. Is this not the perfect way to get in touch with what’s happening globally?

That’s why Instagram is a great means of communication between students worldwide. You can quickly learn what happens in other countries through quality images and messages. As a result, students can easily see what social media influencers are doing to stay fit and beautiful.

It’s easy to do business with Instagram

Many students love Instagram because it’s a potential platform for starting and growing a new business. Earning while learning is the dream of most students. College life can sometimes be expensive, especially if you come from medium-earning families. Students can easily promote their small businesses with an Instagram profile.

As long as you can create quality images, you can post them on the profile showing what you do. You can make it look great using the filters provided on the platform. Most pictures don’t fade when uploaded on this app, unlike when using other social media platforms.

It’s a great source of entertainment

After being in class for lots of hours, there is a need for the students to find a perfect way to let go of the grind. And watching can be a perfect way to refresh. Instagram is extremely popular for short videos that are very entertaining. Ads on this platform are more attractive and less intrusive.

You won’t face what most students face on other platforms. You will watch your favorite videos with less disturbance. Here, ads are shown when you have watched all the stories of a particular profile. This uninterrupted experience keeps students engaged and entertained, and that’s why most of them love being on this app.


Instagram is an extremely powerful and useful social media platform among students. That’s why its use is booming among students across the world. It gives them a sense of connection with online peers from different parts of the world.

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