Who Viewed My Facebook Videos

It is often the case with content creators and ordinary people that they want to see who has viewed their videos. This could be purely out of curiosity or wanting to know more about the viewers to enhance later contents. Facebook is one of those social media platforms that has kept many users engaged for years.

Posting videos and content online, some of the users have always wondered whether they could check to see who has viewed their videos. If you are one of those people curious to know the viewers of your Facebook videos, we have put together an article to address that question.

Can You Check Who Watched Your Videos on Facebook?

If you have been wondering whether you could always see who has viewed your videos, the short answer is “No”. Facebook has not incorporated any specific mechanism so the users can see the viewers of their videos. There are, however, scenarios in which you can see who has watched your videos.

If you are broadcasting live on Facebook, you can simply head over to the livestream management page to see who is watching your broadcast at the moment. Keep it in mind that as soon as the broadcast ends, you will no longer have access to the viewers of your livestream.

One way to still know who has been watching your broadcast after it’s over is to ask the viewers to interact with you and leave comments on the video. That way, you could go back to the comments and find out who was watching your broadcast while it was live. It is worth mentioning that you won’t have access to the viewers when you replay the recorded broadcast either.

One of the interesting things about this platform is that you could see the number of people who have viewed your video, which can be a good indicator of its success or failure.

How Can You See the Number of People Who Viewed Your Facebook Videos?

The requirement for seeing the number of people who have viewed your videos is that you make that video public. Also, in order to see your viewers, their profiles should not be set as “Private”. If you have shared your video on a page, you can also see other information about the viewers, which can be checked from your desktop as well.

In order to use the Facebook app for knowing the number of your viewers, navigate to your “Facebook Page” and then “Insights”. There, tap on “Videos” and check the data regarding your views collectively.

If you desire to check the data for every individual video, head over to your page and choose “Publishing Tools”. There, choose “Video Library” and look for the video you have in mind. Various stats are included like audience and engagement. In that menu, you can see the number of interactions, comments, and shares regarding your video.

There is, however, an important fact you have to keep in mind before getting all excited about this feature; your video should have at least 100 views before you could use these analytics. The options that Facebook has incorporated in this section are fascinating; you can know the number of times your video has been watched in its entirety and the number of times it has been watched for over 3 seconds.

Another important point is that you will have access to some useful statistics if you have a Facebook business page.


It is not surprising that you might get curious about the users who have watched your videos. In the article, we mentioned that there is no direct way of knowing the viewers of your videos.

But if you are running a live broadcast, you can be aware of the people watching it. You can also know the number of times your videos have been watched and other useful statistics. Last but not least, check the Insights page on your Facebook for the details of the views.


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