Some might say that managing social media is easy. But it only seems that way to someone who has never struggled with finding inspiration for content creation.

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They can help you come up with new ideas, polish your assignment, or do it completely on their own. This is a great opportunity to learn from the best, get some free time, and clear one’s head. Meantime, one can dedicate their time to working on Instagram content for personal or business pages.

It is okay to feel stuck. Sometimes, all you need is a spark of artistry to get back on your Instagram feed. In this guide, you’ll learn the ways to find that inspiration.


Start with Explore Page

This is stop number one – Instagram’s explore page. Besides promotion campaigns, there are many exciting things to see here. The content here is based on your browsing history and subscriptions, so it is related to the niche you are working in. But the majority of posts are from accounts you do not follow, which helps you get out of the bubble and see what others are doing.

And the content here is always different, so it is possible to stumble upon something amazing. This doesn’t mean copying the creation of others but rather getting your creative juices going. For instance, you might see seasonal content that inspires you to look into ideas related to this season.

Look Into Relevant Hashtags

Another great way to look for bright ideas is to research the hashtags that are relevant to your niche. This way, you’ll see the best-performing posts and can get a better understanding of what is currently trending. It is useful for a general overview of digital marketing trends. And it might be helpful for brainstorming your next post.

One can either tap any hashtag on a post and view all the content marked with it. Or you can type in any hashtag word or phrase on the Explore page. This is also an effective method to uncover related hashtags you might be missing on.

Conduct Competitor Research

The next option is to spy a bit on your competitors. This way, one can see:

● What type of content they’re posting;

● What type of content performs great in the industry;

● How the audience engages with the content;

● Their strengths and weaknesses.

Even if you do not find this content appealing, it is still important to know about it and how well it does on Instagram. Do not copy it, just use it as a starting point to generate authentic post ideas.

Check Your Favorite Influencers or Brands

Probably there are people out there that you follow because you enjoy what they do and love their content. Even if they are working in a completely different niche, this can boost creativity in you.

The same goes for the brands and local businesses you might like. For example, one might be watching a fashion YouTuber that just posted a video on a capsule wardrobe for this fall. Maybe based on that, you’ll come up with unique color combos for your Instagram food blog. Or maybe it will inspire you to write a post about fall traditions in your city.

This example is here to illustrate that one piece of art can simply get your head working in the right direction. And in many cases, this is enough to find new ideas.

Follow the Trends

Trends rule social media. So it is a valid point to look for original ideas. Some trends might be global, others location or industry-specific. If they apply to your niche, this is a win. You can hop on it and get a boost of engagement.

This is an easy thing. Trends don’t need you to come up with a topic but rather with an authentic perspective on it. Just make sure that your post is original and in line with the trend. If you hop on it early, you have a chance to boost conversions and attract a new audience.


Look into Your Old Posts

One needs to be careful with repurposing old content. But when done right, it can be beneficial for social media presence and overall digital marketing strategy. Look through your old posts from 6 months ago and further. There might be some ideas hidden. For instance, maybe you didn’t cover a particular aspect of the topic you can dwell on now.

Maybe, during this time, you’ve gained more insight into the topic or slightly changed your perspective – it is also worth sharing with the audience. Or maybe some new advances were made in this field in a year or two. All of that has the potential to become a new or rewritten piece. Pay attention to the pieces that performed well and analyze why. This will help implement a similar strategy to new or repurposed content.

Keep Up with Other Social Media

A lot of great ideas might come up from other platforms besides Instagram. Some of the useful ones are:

● Pinterest – it is also visually driven and full of creative individuals;

● YouTube has all types of videos in the world that can inspire, give ideas, or educate on specific matters you can use in the future;

● Tumblr gains less attention now, but it can be a powerful source of artistic vision and innovative thinking;

● TikTok is another perfect app to explore what is trending and what can be done right now in terms of content.

One can also search through platforms like VSCO, Flickr, or Steller.

Ask Your Audience

Communication with the audience is always a winning strategy. If you feel stuck with ideas, you can reach out via stories to the people that are interested in what you do. One can create a poll like “What type of content do you like more?” with options to choose from. Also, one can use open questions like “What would you like me to cover next?” and get responses in dms. After all, social media are all about interaction and engagement.

Or you can always re-post user-generated content based on yours. This shows appreciation to the audience and gains a lot of positive responses. Also, it gives one more time to work on new ideas.

In Summary

Constantly coming up with creative ideas for Instagram can be draining. And it is completely normal to feel uninspired sometimes. Luckily, creativity can come back in as fast as it vanishes. Use these methods to start your brainstorming process and come up with something fresh and exciting.