Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and it is almost impossible for brands to have a great social media presence without an Instagram profile. Over the years, the image-sharing platform has also evolved into a great platform for sharing short videos. Reels, as popular on Instagram, are a great way to showcase your creativity to the world using quick videos.

Short videos are engaging and have a great reach on social media. But this does not mean that you would have to struggle to create the perfect video. Instagram videos are easy to create, and when you do it right, there is nothing that can stop your videos from going viral!

This blog shows you how to create the most engaging videos for Instagram!

Follow The Trend

As a content creator, you have the freedom to make videos on any topic, but will your audience like it? Will it reach people beyond your close family and friends who “like” everything you post? Creating posts on trending topics is the best way to ensure your videos get maximum reach.

Find out what popular Instagram personalities are talking about and what your audience finds interesting, and create short videos on those topics. You do not have to be a subject matter expert. Share your two cents on the topic or issue, and you will have an audience coming to your handle to engage with the content. 

Understand Instagram’s Video Rules

Like the guidelines for posting images, Instagram has specific guidelines, even for videos. You must follow them to ensure your video gets the desired reach. The recent Instagram update automatically shares your video posts to reels as well. This means that it’s best if your videos are at least 720p.

Else, the video would be blurry and distorted. You could use content that’s as small as 20 seconds to upload your video to reels directly. However, if you are going for exclusive Instagram videos, you can post anything from 60 seconds to one hour. Remember to upload an hour-long video on Instagram. You would have to do it from a laptop or computer. 

Use Video Editors

After shooting the video, you might want to add some filters, text, trending music, and so on to your video. Doing these would not just make your video more engaging but would also make them look professional.

The best part is that you can do this without hiring a professional video editor. Numerous Instagram video maker tools are available to edit your video seamlessly for the platform. These tools let you alter the video resolution, orientation, etc., to your video to suit your preferences. 

Video Description

Using the right combination of hashtags, a relevant description, and a video title is crucial for the success of your Instagram video. Use a title that is around 20 characters to state what your video is about. The description can focus on why your audience should engage with your video.

If posting short reels, you could use the description to explain the points you mentioned in the reel. That way, your audience will find more value in your video and return to your profile for more content. 

Using hashtag tools to find relevant hashtags relevant to your genre, content, and video is important. While people tend to use many hashtags even if they are irrelevant, they will face the same fate as SEO writers who stuff keywords – the audience will leave as fast as they came to your page and thus affect your ranking. So, exercise caution and use a handful of relevant hashtags alone without stuffing the post with just the tags.

Engaging Music

Numerous songs are part of the Instagram reel trends, which stay popular for a few weeks. Optimize on this trend and add these song clips to your videos. This way, you stay trendy, you do not have to worry about the audio in your video, and you can instantly strike a chord with the audience.

Besides the popular audio clips for reels, you could also choose from the vast bank of Instagram audio. Alternatively, you can add your audio or music using Instagram video maker tools. 

Follow a Theme

Brand recall is crucial. You need to create a unique identity for your audience to engage with your Instagram videos. One great way to do it is to create a series of videos on the same theme. These would engage your audience and help them associate the video theme with your brand/channel.

When you build a series for your reels, you will have a loyal audience base looking forward to your videos. Once you build a strong audience base, you could ask for suggestions on video topics from your audience and create videos on those concepts.

Create Reels For Videos

Instagram promotes reels. Leverage this and create short reels to increase the reach of your video content. This could be tiny snippets from your video, a sneak peek, a teaser, or just an announcement reel saying that you have created a new video on your profile.

Tips for Creating Engaging Instagram Reels

Music: Use engaging and trending music. Make the most of Instagram trends to make sure you reach a wider audience.

Caption: Always include a caption to tell your audience about the video.

Avoid Watermark: If you are not shooting the reel using the camera option on Instagram and editing it on the app directly, use a video editor without watermarks. Watermarks can be distracting and take the focus away from the video content.

Consistency: Be consistent with posting reels. You can only build a loyal audience base who will come back often and engage with your account.

Hashtags: Use a few relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience base and make the most of your reels.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with nearly 2 billion active users globally as of 2021. It ranks third in social media platforms, right after Youtube and Facebook. One can, without an iota of doubt, say that it’s important to have an active presence on Instagram, and videos are a crucial part of it. 

So, make sure you follow the tips we have shared in this blog to create engaging Instagram videos. Did we miss out on tips that could help make Instagram videos engaging? Mention them in the comments section. Do not forget to share this blog with your friends and family who would love to increase their Instagram video reach too!