Markiplier was born on June 28, 1989, in Honolulu, Hawaii. During his childhood, his family was rather poor and now sometimes he makes jokes about it. After graduation from Milford high school, he registered at a local university to study engineering, however interestingly, like many famous people he also dropped out of college to devote his time and energy to His YouTube channel and pursue his dream.

What is Markiplier’s net worth?

Mark Edward Fischbach better known as Markiplier is an American professional YouTuber who has a net worth of $28 million.

He has 33M subscribers on YouTube and his content has been viewed over 18.34 billion times so far. He is among the highest-paid YouTubers and his subscribers really engage with his content. Besides being a YouTuber, he is a writer, producer, and gamer as well.

How did Markiplier become famous?

In 2012 he created his channel on YouTube. The first of the few content that he posted on his channel was related to a video game called ” Amnesia: The Dark Descent”. That post was like a series of a game that he would upload one part at a time and play while explaining it to his subscribers. In other words, it was like game streaming.  After that, he went on and posted other series of different games such as Dead Space, Penumbra, and so on. Unfortunately, after a while, his channel was banned and he had to make another one in the same year.

On his second channel, he would also post content related to video games, and little by little he gained more subscribers. In 2014 by posting a series of “Five Nights at Freddy” games on his channel it got millions of views and it was here that more and more people started subscribing to his channel.

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