LinkedIn is a social network that is fundamentally different from other social networks! In fact, LinkedIn is not like Instagram, nor is it like Facebook and YouTube! LinkedIn is designed for professionals! Therefore, marketing on LinkedIn is one of the unique ways to develop businesses in cyberspace.
Digital marketing has become very popular in recent years; The reason for this can be the widespread use of social networks by people and the special facilities of these networks for advertising and product promotion. LinkedIn marketing is also an ideal choice because of these features and professional users!
Now if you want to get acquainted with marketing on LinkedIn and learn how to do it, do not miss reading this article…

LinkedIn is a social network that is fundamentally different from other social networks! In fact, LinkedIn is not like Instagram, nor is it like Facebook and YouTube! LinkedIn is designed for professionals! Therefore, marketing on LinkedIn is one of the unique ways to develop businesses in cyberspace.
Digital marketing has become very popular in recent years; The reason for this can be the widespread use of social networks by people and the special facilities of these networks for advertising and product promotion. LinkedIn marketing is also an ideal choice because of these features and professional users!
Now if you want to get acquainted with marketing on LinkedIn and learn how to do it, do not miss reading the following article.

Which characteristics does LinkedIn marketing have?

LinkedIn is a professional platform that has been inaugurated since 2003. You can use it to show your skills to others and in this way, find the job you want or earn money.
LinkedIn helps you have a better working life with attractive features such as resume uploads, achievements, work history, interviews and more. Also, if you want to introduce your products to others and attract customers, LinkedIn has interesting and useful programs for you.
In recent years, marketing on LinkedIn has become so popular that most of the world-famous companies have come to LinkedIn to sell their products. In this social network, it is possible to target the audience, generate sales leads, and dozens of other possibilities.
You may be interested to know that LinkedIn, in addition to these specialized features, also has the common features of a social network; That is, there is the possibility of two-way communication and talking to users.
Join us to learn more about LinkedIn and the attractive features of marketing on LinkedIn.

Creating a professional profile for LinkedIn marketing

The first step to starting marketing on LinkedIn is to create a profile and account. LinkedIn provides the ability to build a company account or corporate account to expand businesses. So you can use these features with a few simple clicks and build a company account. To do this, follow these steps:

– 1- Create your account on LinkedIn and after entering it, from the top bar of the page, click on Interests and enter the company section. Then click on Create a Company Page to create a company page.
– 2- Enter your company name and email address; Then, for LinkedIn marketing, you need to enter information about the company and what you want to do and make an introduction.
– 3- You must upload the logo and banner of the company page. Just keep in mind that the logo and banner chosen should reflect the type of business and your digital marketing.
– 4- In this step, you must introduce your company page to other users. To do this, you can use a variety of different invitation links as well as interesting content and posts.
– 5- It is better to use the showcase page to advertise your products and services. In the following, we will get acquainted with the features of the showcase page on LinkedIn.

Showcase an account on LinkedIn

One of the interesting features of LinkedIn is the Showcase page. This page, as the name implies, is used to display products; Just like the magnificent showcases in department stores!
If your products are in different categories, it is better to introduce each of them separately; Because the audience may just want to know about the same product and the information of other products is not attractive to them. The showcase page is designed for exactly this reason! To build a showcase page and start marketing on LinkedIn, you must follow the steps below:

1.Choose a suitable name for the showcase page. This name should represent the main features of your product or service the best.
2. Enter the Company page and click on the Edit menu.
3. In the menu that opens, select the Create a Showcase Page option.
4- Optimize and SEO the showcase page to be shown in Google search.

Another thing that is especially important for LinkedIn marketing is updating your LinkedIn profile. This will have a huge impact on attracting users and familiarizing them with your products. In the following, we will get acquainted with some simple and practical ways to update your LinkedIn profile.

The methods of updating LinkedIn profile

When you enter a company page or showcase page, you expect to come across a regular and attractive page; Otherwise, you will probably leave the page. So to update your LinkedIn profile we have to value a lot. Here are some ways to update your profile:

1- Update profile details: The first thing the audience encounters is the LinkedIn page profile. These specifications include profile picture, wallpaper and cover, username and headline, and it is better to take enough time to choose any of them.

2- Produce attractive content: If you can produce attractive and different content, you will attract more audience. So you are more likely to succeed in LinkedIn marketing.

3- Update your records: One of the most important parts of a LinkedIn profile is the Experience section. In this section, you should write down your work experiences. We recommend that you review these records from time to time.

4- Check the links: In LinkedIn, it is possible to place links to different websites. These links may be damaged after a while; So it is better to always check them!

5. Clear your connections: LinkedIn is a professional social network; So avoid connecting with people who have nothing to do with your business.

6- Be active: Inactive pages on LinkedIn can not be successful in attracting the audience. So try to use attractive posts regularly.

7- Update the company page: If there are changes in your brand or the type of your products, apply these changes on the company page as well.

Marketing on LinkedIn with new update

LinkedIn, like other social networks, is refining itself over time and releasing new updates. These updates often improve the user interface of LinkedIn and also make marketing more useful on LinkedIn. In the new updates, finding contact and establishing communication and interaction with the customer has also become easier.
Another feature of the LinkedIn update is finding LinkedIn users around you. This unique feature makes it possible to identify and communicate with nearby users. This feature in international exhibitions and various conferences introduces company managers and employees.

SEO and optimizing LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn Marketing can transform your business! This happens if the LinkedIn profile is well optimized! Our goal is to make products more visible to LinkedIn users. Here we will get acquainted with the steps of optimizing the LinkedIn profile; These steps include:

1- Completing the LinkedIn profile: In the first step, we must complete our profile. That is, titles, photos, web addresses, contact information, certifications, skills, work history, and education must be written completely and accurately. When completing these sections, you should pay attention to keywords and profile SEO.

2- Video optimization: Using video clips in LinkedIn profiles will increase the attractiveness and more accurate introduction of products.

3- SEO of generated content: Observing the principles of SEO and optimization for content production will result in more views on LinkedIn and Google search. So try to use relevant keywords in your content.

4- Communicating with the audience: One sections of LinkedIn is the Connections section, through which you can communicate with different people and groups. To do this, it is better to send personalized messages and avoid ready-made messages.

Advertising for marketing on LinkedIn

Start marketing on LinkedIn by doing ads! But advertising on social media is not so easy! Instead, you need to design an accurate strategy and do your advertising accordingly.
One of the smart and practical features in LinkedIn is targeting the audience! Using this feature, you can find business-related audiences and advertise only for them.

Identifying real customers will also make it easier to target your audience on LinkedIn. In addition, efficiency of advertising will increase; Because ads are only sent to those who are your main marketing target. Targeting the audience on LinkedIn is done in three ways, which are:

– Targeting the audience through the website: Using this method, those who visit your website will be identified and advertisements will be sent to them.
– Targeting the audience through an account: This method is suitable for businesses that advertise based on LinkedIn accounts.
– Targeting by audience list: In LinkedIn, you can use your audience list in other social networks to target the audience.

Advertising methods on LinkedIn

LinkedIn social network has special programs for advertising! In fact, LinkedIn ads are designed to attract the most audience. As a result, digital marketing and marketing on LinkedIn will be even more successful. Types of ads on LinkedIn are divided into four categories, which are:

1. Sponsored ads: Using this type of ad, you can display promotional content among other existing content. In this case, the audience will see your ads by checking their home page.

2. Sponsored messages: This type of advertising is perfectly valuable for LinkedIn marketing; Because they are very purposefully designed. Sponsorship messages can be used to send ads to anyone.

3- Text ads: The most widely used type of ads on LinkedIn are text ads that are designed to be very simple. Affordability and landing page design are important features of text ads on LinkedIn.

– 4- Dramatic and dynamic advertisements: Using attractive images can always attract the audience to your business! Therefore, it is better to use display advertisements to introduce your products more.

Video ads for Linkedin marketing

Many social media users’ preferences for video clips have made video advertising or video marketing very significant. On LinkedIn, video ads can also be used to show the positive points and main features of the products. To do the advertising, four steps are foreseen, which include the following:

– 1- Identify the target audience: The first step in video advertising is to know the exact audience. Because the video must be made and published according to the users to be more effective.
– 2- Making video ads: When making video clips, it is better to be creative! In this case, you will attract more audience.
– 3- Launching advertising campaigns: Using the advertising campaign feature on LinkedIn, you can display a video clip for many users at the same time.
– 4- Re-targeting and reviewing the results: In order to be sure of the success of the advertising campaign, it is better to constantly review the rate of return on advertising.

How to design a great ad for LinkedIn?

In order to have an effective advertising campaign, we must do our advertising in a way that is most effective; To do this, we must be familiar with tastes of the audience. That is, to know what they like and what they dislike! But how to do it ?!
One way to identify audience tastes is to use A / B tests on LinkedIn. With the help of these tests, we can find out which type of advertising has the most impact on the audience and brings more customers to the LinkedIn account.

The other way to choose the right ad is to use website demographics on LinkedIn. Demographics helps us design targeted advertising. Using website demographics, we can only do ads for those who are more likely to become customers; In this case, the costs will be significantly reduced.

A / B tests on LinkedIn can be applied to ad images, ad text, number of characters, ad type, and how to write titles; After that, the ads that attract the most audience are considered as the main ads.

Generate leads or sales leads on LinkedIn

Sales leads are one of the most important components of LinkedIn marketing. These tips will help you identify potential customers and use them for advertising. To generate leads or sales leads on LinkedIn, you must go through the following steps:

Step 1: Enter the LinkedIn and click Create Ad. Then enter the sponsored content and select the Collect Leads Using Linkedin option.

Step 2: Prepare a lead creation form according to the action call or CTA buttons.

Step 3: Identify your target audience, budget and ad schedule. You can use a top ad creator such as Adobe.

Step 4: Analyze the obtained clues.

Related Analytics for LinkedIn Marketing

Experience has shown that in order to be successful in digital marketing, one must examine strengths and weaknesses. In this case, it is better to use marketing analysis to analyze your sales.
A LinkedIn user goes through three stages of awareness, attention and final decision by the time he or she becomes a customer. Marketing analysis is necessary in all these stages. For this reason, LinkedIn also helps you do these reviews better. To do this, you must pay attention to the following:

– 1- Number of contacts or connections
– 2- Number of likes and shares
– 3- Traffic sent from LinkedIn to the website
– 4- Participation in the website
– 5- Sales amount

Another marketing analysis on LinkedIn is corporate account analysis. We need to compare our company page with other competitors and identify its shortcomings. To do this, you can use the analysis tool on LinkedIn, which is very useful and unique!
To use this tool, enter the LinkedIn and click on the View Admin Pages option. After that, selecting the Analytics option will open a new page where the followers information will be displayed.

You can use this information to categorize your audience based on job position, company size, and type of job. It is also possible to target the audience for advertising and marketing on LinkedIn.
It is interesting to know that the level of participation and traffic of the site can also be seen through LinkedIn. So you can use it to analyze different sections in LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

Marketing on LinkedIn and increasing customer

These sales leads will become a potential customer or prospect if they interact more with your business. Our goal in LinkedIn marketing is to turn your audience into potential customers! The more carefully this is done, the better the result will be. Here are some ways to increase your interaction with potential customers:

1- Writing a summary of specifications accurately: There is a section on LinkedIn called Summary! If you write this section accurately and creatively, the probability of interaction with potential customers and audiences will increase.
2- Generating attractive content: Attractive content will automatically attract the audience. It will also increase participation and engagement on LinkedIn. To produce content, you can use various topics such as product introduction, project implementation process, etc.
3- Using custom messages: To communicate directly with potential customers, it is better to write the messages yourself and do not use ready-made texts.
4- Congratulating on occasions to customers: Sending congratulatory messages on different occasions to the audience can create more intimacy and ultimately increase interaction.

Customer management on LinkedIn

Customer relationship management is also one of the requirements in digital marketing. Customer management can be done well on LinkedIn; Join us to learn more about customer management:
Using ProFinder tools on LinkedIn is a great help for customer management and marketing on LinkedIn. ProFinder is a service that exists on LinkedIn and you do not need to install any additional programs to use it.

Click on the Interests option and select the ProFinder icon to access this service. Once logged in, you must enter your full profile and write your specialties.
Other customer management tools on LinkedIn include Dux-Soup and Nimble software, which you have to pay to use. In addition, using customer information on other social networks is an ideal option. LinkedIn allows you to use this information for digital marketing.

There are also interesting ways to find a customer on LinkedIn. With the help of these methods, you can find your desired audience based on the type of job, location and skill level. This will definitely increase the advertising and marketing efficiency on LinkedIn.
One simple way to find a customer on LinkedIn is to use Boolean search.

In this search you can use a quote, use AND, use OR, use NOT and use a combination of them, a comprehensive search to find an audience. In addition, there is the possibility of advanced search on LinkedIn, which by clicking on the filters you can limit the search results to achieve what you want.

Using sales navigator for LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn helps you with a Sales navigator so that you can have a principled and accurate strategy for your marketing. It should be noted that using Sales Navigator is not free and you have to pay for it by purchasing a premium LinkedIn account. After entering it, you will get acquainted with the following sections:

1- Lead Builder section: You must use this section to generate sales leads. The ability to use lead generation in this sector has made marketing on LinkedIn so easy!
2- Search based on user accounts: In this section, finding different users based on their user account is done.
3- Check the participation rate: With the help of SSI indicators in the sales guide, you can access the participation rate and customer interaction with the LinkedIn page.
4- Team Link section: This section is used to share information between members of a group or company.
5- Gmail Plugin: Using it, you can access profile information through Gmail.
6- Skills training: You can get help from this section to train employees and users.

Video marketing on LinkedIn

Like many social networks, LinkedIn provides the possibility to use native videos and video clips. This way you can introduce your products to other users and attract more customers. Among the video marketing applications on LinkedIn, the following can be mentioned:

– 1- Advertising the company’s products
– 2- Making a brand and introducing it
– 3- Interaction and communication with the customer
– 4- Providing entertainment and educational services

Videos used for marketing on LinkedIn must meet certain requirements; Because the competition between different businesses has become so breathtaking that simple and uncreative videos get less attention from the audience. Here are some tips for video marketing:

– 1- Do not make long video clips.
– 2- Provide the most information in the shortest time.
– 3- Try to make your video exactly related to your business.
– 4- Using subtitles can increase the number of visitors.
– 5- Optimization and SEO in the text of videos and hashtags is very important.


Digital marketing and marketing on LinkedIn can transform your business; Because LinkedIn has designed unique and attractive marketing capabilities. So, if you know how to use LinkedIn for digital marketing, you can attract a lot of audiences to your business!
The importance of marketing on LinkedIn has led us to address it in this article. For this reason, if you want to expand your business in cyberspace and social networks such as LinkedIn, reading this article will help you a lot!


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