What is Logan Paul’s Net Worth?

Paul is not only a famous YouTuber but also he is an actor, a social media influencer, as well as a boxer and he has a net worth of $245 million. There are more than 23.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and his content has been viewed more than 5.86 billion times.

This guy is really talented and has different sources of income.

Early life

Paul was born on April 1, 1995, in Westlake, Ohio. When he was only 10 he started creating and uploading his content on YouTube. It is not clear when he went to college but it is known that he dropped out of college. It’s interesting that many rich people are either school or college dropouts!

How did Logan Paul Become Famous and rich?

You may think that YouTube is his main source of income, but that is not true. As a boxer, he has made more than $50 million in boxing fights alone. It’s true that he made his first YouTube channel called Zoos when he was only 10 years, however, he did not become famous through that channel. Actually, he made a few channels on YouTube later on and stopped posting on them, however, he made his famous channel in 2015 and has gained many subscribers through that channel since then.

In recent years, Paul has made almost $120 million from YouTube. His main income on YouTube like many other YouTubers is mainly from advertising revenue. Sometimes he also uploads sponsorship posts on his channel and makes money through that as well.

His annual income is estimated to be $42 million. It seems that Paul is into luxury properties. I mean he has 4 different houses, 11 cars as well as 2 yachts. They’re all luxury stuff and quite expensive.

Logan Paul’s Social Media

There is a list of all the social media that Paul uses.

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