The anime market draws a lot of eyes because it has a massive amount of fans in so many diverse countries. With the rise of online streaming services, its popularity has gone through the roof.

A few years ago, If you liked to watch anime online for free, KissAnime was the place to go. This was once housed on KissManga, another popular website where users could view a diverse range of manga series. You could look for your fave animated shows on KissAnime’s great search engine by topic, title, or even where they were airing. KissAnime let people watch new anime shows, dramas, and older anime movies from all over the world for free. But KissAnime’s biggest problems were that it didn’t cover the whole world and that it had too many ads and pop-up windows.

The background of Kissanime

When it first opened in 2012, KissAnime catered mainly to anime fans by sharing links and embedding videos of illegally leaked anime; today, nearly every single anime lover has heard of the site. Many countries did not start allowing anime airings till the late 00s. KissAnime shifted its services to the hosting account on December 17th, 2016. Along with the primary domain, other replica sites with a look and feel very similar to KissAnime were launched all over the world.

How did Kissanime’s main domain stop working?

While the original KissAnime has closed down, many copycats have sprung up under similar names and offer the same UI and feature set. As of October 2020, the new law’s limitations on linking to illegal content will apply to websites that link to such content and those that host such content. The KissAnime group announced the termination of the beta servers on the KissAnike Discord server Kiss Community on August 14th, 2020. The official staff later verified the website’s closure on the same server. Numerous unpaid websites that offer or link to pirated anime and manga run the risk of being blocklisted due to Japan’s stricter new copyright laws.

What now for anime lovers?

KissAnime and many other sites that look like it have shut down or been unstable in the past few years, which has caused server problems. The massive outcry was provoked when it was announced that KissAnime and KissManga would be closing their doors. Many anime fans have taken to social media to share their sadness about the site’s closure using several different KissAnime posts, gifs, and memes.

KissAnime fans do really need a new streaming service to watch their favorite anime and films. There are probably a few other sites out there with domain names that sound like KissAnime if you do a bit of googling. Some fans are hoping for a new KissAnime website, in part because they know that other free streaming services have returned with a different URL after a period of closure. To date, though, KissAnime has shown no signs of making a comeback. KissAnime alternatives such as AnimeLand, AnimeLab, 9Anime, and Anime Planet are the best option.

Why was Kissanime so well-known?

The main page of KissAnime had an easy-to-use search bar in addition to handy tabs that gave you whatever you liked as an anime lover before the website was taken down. The user experience of KissAnime was simple to use and easy to understand. You could get straight to the extensive set of anime the site offers by using the navigation bars found on the homepage.

Also, the home tab featured the most recent news and updates and tabs for New, hot, and most tended animes. It offered a vast selection of anime to pick from, and in contrast to other official streaming sites, KissAnime did not charge any fees for its users to view anime. You could find anything you wanted to watch on the website, regardless of what it was.

Have you ever thought about moral codes?

KissAnime has never been the most ethical website around, and the site has been shut down owing to copyright infringement, just like many other illicit websites and copycat websites before it. All of the videos that were streamed on the site had been stolen. The video’s original producers were not rewarded for their efforts. KissAnime did not make any of the cartoons it broadcasted, and many countries strictly enforced copyright. This is evidence that KissAnime engaged in wrongdoing by stealing content from the anime industry without compensating the original creators.

Alternatives for KissAnime

Anime is a popular kind of joy among people of all ages, not just kiddies. Quite a number of websites like KissAnime give high-definition cartoons and manga for real-time download. In spite of the abundance of both free and paid services, only a tiny portion of them actually deliver what they promise: access to one’s favorite anime. The followings are top-choice animation streaming services, including both free and paid options:

  • AnimeLand

Alexa gives an average traffic rank, so it’s a justly favorite spot. It is among the most well-known free anime sites featuring HD video streaming, and it is also a place where you can view English dubs of anime online without having to sign up. Popular anime series are available in English dub on AnimeLand, which draws about 1 million monthly onlookers.

Simply browsing the site will give the user anything, and the main page of Animeland will showcase the most recent anime releases. The website for watching anime also has a menu for navigating the site.

  • Funimation

The official site says that you can get over 10,000 episodes and movies from our broad selection of subs and dubs. This would include superhero movie hits, superstars, all-time masterpieces, and the newest shows from Japan. Downloading animes on Funimation only works on mobile devices running either Android or iOS. To watch anime without wifi, you’ll require to get the FunimationNow app, browse for shows you’re interested in, then save the episodes to your phone’s library.

The Funimation HD Free service allows you to see a tiny portion of their library in high definition for free in exchange for watching adverts. Three different subscription tiers are available for those who want the whole story.


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