What is Jeffree Star’s Net Worth?

Jeffree is an American YouTuber who has a net worth of $210 million in 2022. This man has quite a few talents. Not only is he a very famous YouTuber, but also he is a makeup artist, songwriter, as well as entrepreneur. Besides, he is the owner of an American cosmetics company named “Jeffree Star Cosmetics”.

He has proximately 16.1 million YouTube subscribers and his content has been viewed 2.55 billion times on YouTube.

Jeffree’s Early life

Jeffree was born on November 15, 1985, in Los angles, California. When he was young based on what he says, he liked playing and experimenting with his mother’s makeup. Sometimes he would persuade his mother to let him wear makeup, especially when he was in middle school.

How did Jeffree Become Famous and rich?

It is obvious that Jeffree has a few sources of income and as a result, he earns quite a lot of money. However, you may be wondering how did he become famous, or in other words, through which one of his businesses did he become famous and rich. To answer this question we need to go back.

First, he was involved in the music business. In 2009 he released his first album called “Beauty Killer” and it was a hit and made him quite a famous person in the musical industry. There were ups and downs in his career after that, and he kind of went bankrupt. in the same year in order to promote his career, he started to post his videos on YouTube for the first time. At that time his content had nothing to do with makeup tutorials. However, in 2014 he finally put an end to his music career and stopped posting videos related to music.

It is not known how much money he had that year, but he invested all his money into the cosmetic business. Then he started posting content related to makeup tutorials. He was doing great and he even started to promote his own cosmetic products. After gaining more and more subscribers sometimes he would do makeup reviews besides makeup tutorials.

So little by little, he became famous on YouTube, and now he has over 18 million subscribers on YouTube. It is estimated that just on his YouTube channel he earns $4,000 a day which is equal to $1.5 per year. By the way, he also founded a company called Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and the company earns $150 million a year.

Jeffree Star’s Social Media

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