Jack was born on January 17, 1997, in Cleveland and raised in Westlake, Ohio. He is also Logan’s brother whom I talked about in one of the sections of this article as well.

How did Jake Paul become famous?

It is a little hard to say how this guy become famous because YouTube is not the only thing that made him popular. Jack is an American professional boxer and this alone has made him famous in the world of boxing.

It’s obvious that Jack also makes a lot of money on YouTube, like other YouTubers who have millions of subscribers, but YouTube is not the only place that he makes a bundle. However, since he started his channel up to now it is estimated that he has made approximately $100 million dollars on YouTube.  

Jack also has other social media with many followers and it is estimated that in the past few months he has made a few million US dollars by sponsorship posts, brand promotion, and stuff like that through all his social media.

Like his brother Logan, he also is into luxurious stuff. I mean he has three yachts, twelve cars, seven real estate properties, and perhaps many more that are not publically known. 

What is Jake Paul net worth?

Jake is a famous American YouTuber, boxer, rapper, actor, and social media influencer, quite a lot of professions right! This talented guy has a net worth of $310 million. He also has a YouTube channel with 20.4 M subscribers and his videos have been viewed over 7.20 billion times. Good for him, he has a few sources of income.

It is said that he has a couple of million US dollars in bank deposits and he receives almost $3 million annual interest from bank deposits as well.

His total income is $65 million a year. He earns $18 million through boxing and $21 million through his channel on YouTube. The rest comes from his bank deposit and perhaps his other social media like Instagram as he has 19.8M followers there.

Jake Paul’s Social Media

Here is a list of the social media he uses.

  • Instagram


  • Twitter


  • YouTube



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