Recently many Verizon subscribers have reported that Verizon goes down a lot. This means that they are not able to make phone calls or maybe there is a loss of voice or something. When Verizon goes down there will be some issues with the internet as well.

The problem with Verizon is nationwide and it has happened in most of the states in the US.  Recently I have spoken with some engineers who work at Verizon and they told me that they have found the root cause and they are fixing the problem. They have already fixed the problem in many states. However, people in some other states are experiencing some issues and it seems Verizon is still down in some places.

How to know if Verizon is down?

Here are the main thins you can do if you face any issues on Verizon

1. Check the trends

You can check Twitter’s trends hashtags and see the latest tweets on #verizondown

2. Check Verizon official accounts on Twitter

When there is some issue with Verizon they tweet about it. When they fix a problem they also tweet about it and let their subscribers know.

verizon twitter

3. Check the

You can also check ( and see if it is down. However, this only works when people report a problem at that website.

is verizon down

There is a chart on the website and you can see the problems that were reported in the past 24 hours. When there is a spike on the graph it means that Verizon is down. For example, around 8 am there is a spike on the graph which means that a lot of people reported that Verizon is down at that specific time.

4. Report to Verizon

If you are experiencing some issue with Verizon you can report that. There are a bunch of reports by people that you can read at the bottom of the website. You can also leave one if you want.


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