These days DoorDash is going down times and again and it seems that it’s nationwide. So the issue with DoorDash is not specific to a particular area. Many dashers have reported that they were in the middle of delivery, however, the app went down. Because of this, they weren’t able to complete an order.

Some dashers also reported that they saw missing offers, or they suddenly got logged out of the app for no reason.

When DoorDash crashes, it can be really frustrating whether for people who are trying to order food or for the Dasher as well. In this short yet helpful article, I’ll show you a couple of different ways to try and make sure if DoorDash is really down. I will also give some advice to Dashers that can be helpful during a DoorDash outage.

What to do when DoorDash is down?

 Here I’ll give you guys some tips on what to do when the app is down. These are helpful for all Dashers out there.

  • When you get the order and the app goes down for whatever reason, just call the customer and make sure they still want their food. Sometimes they cancel their order and because the app goes down you may not notice this.
  • When you are in a specific area and you experience any issues with the app or the app stops working properly, head in a different direction and see if the issue goes away.
  • Continue to refresh the app.
  • Do not reset your password during crashing time.
  • Do not delete and install the app.

How to know if DoorDash is down?

If you have any issues with the app and you think it’s down there are different ways to try and make sure if the app is really down or if it’s just you who have some issues with the app.

You can go to @DoorDash_help on Twitter and see if they tweeted about any issues related to the app. In fact, they tweet for three reasons; when the DoorDash app is down when the app is up and working just fine, and last but not least when someone complains about orders and tags them in it.

There is also another way to know if DoorDash is down. Simply go to ( and in there you find out if there are any problems with the app and if it’s really down.

When the app outages or crashes, usually people report that on On the website, you can see if currently there are any problems at DoorDash. You can also see a graph on the website and when there are many reports during a DoorDash outage there will be a spike on the graph. For example, you can see that around 10: AM there is a high spike on the graph which indicate that many people reported an issue at that specific time.

This is an awesome way to know if DoorDash is really down or if it’s just you who have an issue with the app. You can also report any issues that you are experiencing with the app.

Other ways to know if DoorDash is down

There are also other ways to know if the app is down and I’ll touch upon them here.

  • You are unable to log into the app.
  • You can neither start nor end a Dash.
  • The pause feature is not working.
  • The app logs you out for no apparent reason.
  • You see that an offer is missing
  • The app is constantly crashing.
  • A recently completed order is neither shown as completed nor on your earning tab.
  • Receiving different error codes.
  • You are automatically removed from your current Dash.

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