Do you feel like people skip your stories without even watching or reading them? You’re not alone.

With the average attention span of social media users being less than 4 seconds, you cannot expect your audience to spend minutes interacting with your stories—unless you trick them into doing so! 

Instagram story games are your savior to increase the retention rate of the viewers. They trick the audiences’ brains through gamification, encouraging them to spend more time interacting with your content.

But let’s take a step back and understand what IG story games are before mastering them for social media growth. 

What Is an Instagram Game?

Any quiz, poll, or challenge created on and shared through IG’s story feed is called an Instagram story game. Different variations include the games of This-or-That, Two Lie One Truth, and Ask Me a Question. But IG story games have no specific rules, and any interactive content counts.  

How to Create Your Own Games and Challenges

Creating an Instagram story game is easy: First, you should determine what type of contest or test you want to post. Then, you need to find the proper interactive stickers that would go with your idea. And finally, you have to reward the winners or shout out the contributors. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing that. 

Step #1: Identify the Type of Game You Want to Create.

IG stories’ most common types of games are quizzes, polls, and challenges. 

  • Quiz: You ask one or multiple questions with right or wrong answers and encourage your viewers to submit their answers for a price—whether it’s through a quick sticker, question box, or direct replies. 
  • Poll: Games like This-or-That or “I Would Rather” fall in this category. Basically, you challenge your audience to choose between two or more options and vote for it. 
  • Contribution/Challenge: You can give your audience specific instructions and ask them to follow specific rules to participate in your IG story game as a challenge. 

Analyze your IG followers’ interests to decide what type of games they might enjoy. 

If you have an educational page, quiz games are your best bet because your audience is eager to learn new info. If you’re running an IG e-commerce page, then polls are a better option because they could provide you with practical information about the potential customer’s interests. But if your page is entertainment-focused, then challenges and creative games are more likely to attract the audience. 

Step #2: Use the IG Story Stickers to Make Your Game Interactive.

Use one or more of the following stickers for your Instagram story games:

  • Poll sticker: Idea for playing games like This-or-That or Never Have I Ever.
  • Quiz sticker: The best choice for trivia questions and games with specific prizes.
  • Question sticker: A proper choice to collect different questions about you or your brand.
  • Emoji sliders: An interactive tool for rating scale and Likert scale questions. 

💡 Pro Tip: Instagram has a designated “Challenge Sticker” available in certain regions like the US. You can use it to create your unique creative games and invite your followers or friends to contribute. 

Step #3: Shoutout the Winners or Repost Their Contributions.

Playing Instagram story games with no result or prize on the line could get boring. So, ensure to have some sort of trophy to encourage the audience to engage with the content. 

Your prizes don’t have to be monetary. You could always offer a shoutout to the contributors/winners, give away discount codes, or simply send a thank you message via DM. 

Why Instagram Story Games Matter 

IG story games matter because they increase your page’s engagement rate. 

Although no one knows for sure what tactics could boost your growth, multiple studies have proven that higher engagement rates result in faster growth and better ROI. 

People skipping your stories with no hesitation could send a negative signal to IG algorithms, indicating that your content is not good enough to top the hashtags or hit the Discover page. 

But using gamification tactics and proper stickers, you could double or triple the engagement rate of your content and boost your chance of gaining more followers. 


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