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Why Instagram marketers like Instamber Instagram search tool?

With the key features of Instamber services, you will be able to monitor the market as well as compete with your opponents. Instagram Influencers and marketers use Instamber to track special hints that lead to successful ways in order to boost their business and growth.


Discover Instagram to find clients and engage with users that have interests in your brands and convert them to your loyal customers eventually.


Use hot trends to find out the interests of your audience, competitors and the whole market to improve your business


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Simplify the Process of Finding Instagram Influencers Using Instamber Search Tool

Find the most related influencers for your business by setting the filters such as likes, number of followers, and engagement rate. Track them down simply by the most trending hashtags in your niche, and also locations, and build successful relationships with the right influencers for your brand.
Track down top influencers in your business field

The most influential influencers are the ones who excel in their own fields, so they will attract the most.

Search for the most associated influencers in your niche

Try to find the most related possible influencers to your business. as the most popular but not related ones do not have much effect.

Get access to influencers who send engagement to your account

Find the influencers with top rank and the most possible similarities in interests to help you get many likes, followers, comments and so on.

How a make-up artist is able to conquer the influencer marketing by Instamber Instagram search tool

Cooperating with your niche-specific influencers brings out the best opportunities to track down fans for your industry. Using Instamber Instagram Influencer search campaigns smoothen the path to build great relationships with influencers. In the following, we elaborate on how you can be in touch with people you consider by Instamber search tools:
Take a makeup artist as an example; their business is among the most successful businesses in 2019. Like other business pages on Instagram, they use hashtags to get more exposure.
A make-up artist needs to find the most trending and hashtags related to her niche and add them to the search tool and track them down, find their followers and start messaging them and likewise, evaluating their content and their performance to analyze and compare with your Instagram page.
The most trending and common hashtags for a makeup artist include:
#MakeupArtist #NailArtist #Hairstylist #MakeupTutorial #EditorialMakeup #MakeupArtistsWorldwide #ProfessionalMakeup #BeautyTutorial #EyeTutorial #MakeupLook
If the so-called make-up artist wants to find some influential people like influencers, he/she can use hashtags and the filters that the Instamber Instagram search engine provides. Such as the number of likes, comments, followers, engagement rate, keywords, language, and post type. By doing this, the make-up artist can restrict the people that he/she want to target so the best result will be reached.

Quick answers

As there are a huge number of Instagram influencers on Instagram, and they work in different fields and based on their effect they charge you at different prices. To find and locate the most proper ones in accordance with your needs and money, you need to set the features and filters of Instagram search tools exactly to find the proper ones. For example, if you are on a tight budget, you can set the filters based on a lower number of followers, likes, and engagement rates. In other words, you are going to find the influencers who are not very expensive, however, they can be influential. On the other hand, if you want to dedicate so much money on advertising your products by influencers, you had better search the influencers by the highest number of followers, likes, comments, and engagement rate.

As important as it is, finding Instagram influencers, have many methods. Searching on search engines is completely an efficient way to find influencers, however, searching by engines that do not apply filters narrowing down the search results can not be much of a help. So, the tools like Instagram search engines help you track down the most proper influencers. Instagram search tools by providing the possibility of searching based on hashtags and locations and setting the filters such as followers, likes, and engagement rates aid you in finding the most relevant and high-rank influencers in your industries.

It is an accepted fact that the number of followers on a page does not indicate that the exact number of real and active followers because fake and inactive followers do not help to grow a page. Particularly, on an influencer’s page. But, you can recognize if the followers are real or not by an easy method. Normally, the pages that own many followers must have many likes, comments, and more important high engagement rates. So, if you see an account that its number of followers and likes does not match, you must get suspicious. And it is the case with the engagement rate. An active and influential account has between 3% to 6% engagement rate. Therefore, it is easy to find out if the information agrees or not. By setting Instagram search engine filters you are able to figure all these out. In other words, if you find an influencer who has 1 million followers but with the engagement rate below 3%, you must doubt the followers’ authenticity.

Instamber Instagram search tools is a practical and effective service that has various benefits like high efficiency, good price, easy setting/process, and great filters including likes, followers, comments, engagement rate. You can find your desired influencers and customers according to hashtags, locations, post types, keywords, and language. The speed that you search and find your information is inexplicable.

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