INSTAGRAM MASS UNFOLLOW: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!


Instagram is one of the most favorite social media among the people of the world, which offers new features in every update. but the strange and annoying point is that you cannot delete all your posts or unfollow your whole followings instantly.

This feature is not included in the Instagram software despite its high usage. But using Instamber will fix your problem.

Instamber is an Instagram growth and management service that allows you to delete your posts in a multi-faceted way, rather than simply deleting them individually.

you may want to unfollow some of the audiences that you have followed before. but this should be done manually. the same applies to the posts that you’ve published too, which will be even more difficult. because as default you should delete each post manually but if you use Instamber, you can do this simply by marking any number of posts you want and removing them.

Important Note: try to delete 20 posts in a day so Instagram does not block your account. note that if you break the Instagram rules, your account will be blocked for a while. if this has happened to your account, read this article.

how to delete all your posts and unfollow all your followings instantly?

you can save your time with our web-based unfollow module. to use Instamber you do not need to download and install. just add your Instagram account, make initial settings and delete multiple posts or unfollow several audiences right away.

Instamber is one of the best and cheapest Instagram bot. with only 0.3$ a day, you can follow a lot of users nevertheless grow your followers organically.

how to start:

- Sign up to Instamber and add your Instagram account

- Depending on the number of unfollowing you want to do, charge your account through PayPal

- Click on unfollow button - Enter the number of users you want to unfollow (Eventually, according to the Instagram rules, Instamber will unfollow 700 people every day)

- take some rest and leave the job to Instamber

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