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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks all around the world and many businesses have several accounts in this platform, managing them to get the most out of it in their marketing campaigns.


Having lots of active users, it is hard to manage several accounts at the same time so you will need a proper solution like using an Instagram manager. We would introduce Instamber, a powerful Instagram manager through which you can simply:

  • Manage thousands of accounts using its user-friendly panel
  • Schedule your Instagram posts at the same time for the future and manage them
  • Manage all comments you receive without missing any of them
  • Be active on Instagram without wasting your time
  • Send direct messages in bulk and manage them

Add as many Accounts as You Want to Your Instagram Manager

Do you want to separate your business account from your personal account? Are you looking for a way to manage all your Instagram accounts on your PC?

Instamber is the perfect Instagram manager tool you can add several Instagram accounts in a single dashboard and view and manage all of them at the same time.

As you may already know, Instagram lets you have 5 accounts on a device, however, with Instamber you can more than that.


Schedule Several Instagram Posts

Consistency is the key element for being successful on Instagram. To be consistent, you need to schedule your posts because it is not easy to reach people on this popular platform with one billion monthly active users.

Instagram would not any more rank posts in a user’s feed just based on the time of their publication.

New Instagram algorithm will show posts to its followers based on their engagement and how popular they are. You can upload photos and videos, write captions and scheduled several posts for certain times in the future to be published automatically using Instamber.

Instamber Instagram manager, having several advantages, is simple to use. Using Instamber post scheduler, you can save your precious time for more important tasks, for example, your Instagram marketing plan. Using Instamber, you can schedule as many posts as you want and even edit them whenever you want.


Comment Manager

One of the challenges many business accounts encounter is the tracking and managing their comments, from those insulting and containing inappropriate words to comments giving feedbacks or suggestions on a service or product.

It is time-consuming and tiresome to manage and reply all these comments manually. Instamber will show all the comments your page receives in a user-friendly dashboard; you can organize, reply and even delete them easily through this dashboard without missing even one of them.


Be Active on Instagram

As you may know, one of the factors leading to your success on social networks is your active presence on them. Business should interact with Instagram users to have loyal customers. It is good to know that when you interact with a person, it is 400% more likely that the person follows you.

You have two option in order to be active on Instagram and interact with people:

  • 1. Automate your Instagram presence using Instamber
  • 2. Hire a person to manage your account and be active on this platform


Instamber Instagram bot automates all your activities on this platform and helps you to gain lots of new followers. If you still do not know how Instamber works, our recommendation is to read these two articles: 1. What is an Instagram Bot? And 2. Why Instagram Bot is the Best Way to Increase Your Followers.

Send Bulk Direct Messages

The other challenges social media managers encounter, besides having lots of comments, is the high number of direct messages; it is impossible to answer all of them using their cell phone. In order to manage the direct messages your business page receives, read our article The Ultimate Guide To Send Instagram direct message from PC.

It is also time-consuming to send direct messages in bulk. Due to its high conversion rate, the Instagram direct message has a crucial role in a business’s marketing plan. Using Instamber, you can choose your target audience and send them a pre-designed message automatically.


Instamber is an all-inclusive marketing tool for Instagram which helps you manage all your activities on this platform with the lowest prices. Contact us if you still have questions on how Instamber works. Moreover, Instamber’s blog is the best place to learn new marketing tips and tricks on Instagram.

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