Many brands and people who are looking for growing on Instagram, having high followers, likes, comments and of course earnings, the first thing that comes to their mind is buying a good page.

After buying a page and understand that you got scammed, (because no one sells the page with high real followers, so if you intend to buy Instagram page, know this point that in 99 percent of cases, you will pay for fake followers), you start to buy followers. And this is your second mistake. Because undoubtedly all websites or applications that provide such services, are lying and this is the reason you make the third mistake.

You made a hat trick by buying likes & comment. Thus you waste your money and absolutely you have no real follower. Approximately even the professional brands enter this inoperative loop and deceived by great numbers of fake followers.

What is the rational way to grow on Instagram?

There are various ways to grow on Instagram and gaining followers. but one of the best way is making engagement with other pages. This means you start to like, comment or follow the people that you think they may like your business. so they come to you and start interacting with you.

Possibly you have tried this way and found that it’s how much effective. Understanding the reason why this method is effective is not so difficult. It’s quite natural that when someone interacts with your page, you will mutually get curious to check out his page and if you like that follow it. In psychology, this is called reciprocal action.

We designed a service for growing your Instagram page which works 24 hours on behalf of you to engage with your desired people & finally attract them.

This system is truly different from existing systems because we spend a lot of time & money so that you experience the pleasure of having a wholesome service. In the following, we will introduce Instamber Instagram growth service.

Instamber Instagram growth service is suitable for what kind of businesses or people?

Unfortunately many services guide people to grow their Instagram accounts through Instagram bots under any circumstances and they do not differentiate between businesses or accounts. Use of such services requires special conditions that some of them are mentioned:

- People with more than 50k followers, do not need follow/unfollow services. They just need to activate auto like feature by adhering to Instagram limits. (Instamber considers all the limits of Instagram)

- If you have more than 100k followers, try other growth methods in Instagram such as influencer marketing and such.

- Businesses who do not have target audience in social media such as the automotive industries

- Those who have not met the standards for growth in Instagram (In fact, there will be no effective method for these people)

What is the problem with some of service providers in the field of Instagram?

1. For activating, you should give your account information access to them. As you know trusting aliens with no credibility is so dangerous and your account may be abused by them.

2. The facilities of all these services are the same and because of developing under standards of Instagram they do not include new Instagram updates.

3. As you may know, many of these websites managed personally and there is no brand behind them. That’s why they cannot provide sufficient support.

How much does Instamber growth service costs?

The price of Instamber service is 10$ per month but it has 3 month, 6 month and 9 month plans and if you consider to use them, you can receive more discounts. The reason of the low costs of Instamber services:

1. Instamber is one of the safest & most reliable Instagram advertising platform which adheres to all security frameworks

2. Instamber service is highly specialized and has been designed through direct access to Instagram.

3. we have designed a large part of our service settings as a self-learning system, not manually.

4. Our growth service features are fully updated to meet the new Instagram features.

What is the clear difference between Instamber & others?

Instamber as the best Instagram growth solution, is the only service which uses artificial intelligence and by this feature you can apply all your desired settings. By Instamber you can:

- Send unlimited direct messages automatically

- Schedule your posts once and after that Instamber will publish them automatically

- Instamber reports are online, real-time and include all the details

How to Start?

For getting started, register from here, enter dashboard and keep in mind for better use of Instamber read this article carefully.

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