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According to the Instagram new algorithm, some accounts get suspended because of no good reason, so to increase followers we have presented a new service called Hot client.

As mentioned earlier, Hot clients is a new service for some of the Instagram accounts to which Instagram is suspicious; in other words, you can have a service that will be blocked by no means and also it can be planed by you. It is a service simulated exactly like a human as you plan and manage it manually.

To activate Hot Client service, like other Instamber’s services, first, you should click on Hot Client tab, then click on the “Add days” button to initiate this service by paying from your own balance via direct payment.


After activating, it’s time to use the service:

In the first step, you must determine your goal from activating Hot clients, so that Instamber’s automation system finds your audience based on your interests and requirements, then you can communicate with them and also get feedback from them.

To do so, you must click on Setting tab, so that you can find your audience based on their favorite hashtags or their locations.

By clicking on the Hashtag tab and typing your favored hashtags, you can find audience that use these hashtags on their posts or like these hashtags.


You can add some different hashtags to your own list:


To find your own audience through their locations, you can use the next field by typing locations and picking them from loaded list, then target your audience. Like hashtags, you can use different locations:

Now you can watch for Instagram posts by hashtag or location and do manual interaction with them (comment, direct message, like, copy)


After choosing hashtags or locations or both, it is time to access to your target audience. To do so, you should go to Feed tab:


By clicking on the Refresh button, your audience will be sorted based on what you set on tab setting.

As you see, we have chosen London as a location and makeup tutorial, beauty and makeup as hashtags; now we have access to our target audience’s posts.


Now, you can notice all posts with their publishers’ names and their captions next to each other and do whatever you like.

You can like your favored post by clicking on Like button:


And also by clicking on Comment button, you can leave comments for the picture you want:


Finally, you can send direct messages based on the picture you want:


You can do all the mentioned activities via a panel and your management.

The good news is that you do not need to type one text for each of your audiences and waste your time. On Instamber’s panel, you can write your general messages once and save them and send them to your audience whenever you want.

To do this, you should go to Setting and you can write and save one or more messages on the last field i.e Message templates.


When you are commenting or sending direct messages, you can use Message Template and the written messages as default to send to whoever you like:


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