Quite a lot goes into mobile app development. Some ingredients of an excellent mobile app development project are sleepless nights, heavy investments, the need for security tools and protocols, etc.

But will there be a point in investing in a project that yields no returns? Every industry can be assured of returns from investing in mobile app development.

However, before we narrow down to the industrial benefits of mobile app development in 2022, we must look at two crucial aspects of this subject.

First, we must assess the current state of the mobile app development industry and briefly look at some companies that have benefited from the mobile app development strategy. 

  • The Popularity of Mobile Applications

Mobile apps continue to dominate the world today, as these mobile eCommerce statistics show. We use mobile applications to do almost everything- shopping, reading newspapers, listening to music, watching movies, and ordering food, among many other things.

This is why mobile apps have continued to gain extreme popularity among mobile phone users. In the first quarter of 2022, there have been 36.8 billion app downloads. With heavy downloads comes high revenues.

Statista has projected mobile apps to generate $935 billion by 2023. See more details in the graph below.

A thorough assessment of the companies that have integrated the mobile app strategy in their business reveals a positive outcome for every company that has done so.

  • Mobile App Security

To secure the mobile app on the other side, there should be strong security called a code signing certificate that ensures users that the app code is secure and not modified since it is signed.

A software developer can now choose a standard code signing certificate or an Extended Validation code signing certificate. However, there are many certificate authorities who offer Code Signing at the lowest price but the Sectigo code signing certificate and DigiCert Code Signing certificate are two well-known certificates that many software developers recommend.

Examples of Companies That Have Excelled As A Result of Implementing Mobile Apps

  1. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is one of the most popular and famous companies in the world. The company has cemented its name as a leading brand in making beverages and soft drinks.

For a company of its nature, it might seem unlikely to acquire any benefits by developing a mobile application. One would wonder, “what would be the need for a mobile application when its primary customers are more concerned with having a sip of their soft drink rather than using their gadgets to do no-one-knows what?”

Nevertheless, Coca-Cola has significantly invested in modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and mobile application. With the application, the company is well placed to track consumers’ buying patterns and their responses to offers and marketing campaigns.

Customers can use the app to redeem loyalty points and use the points to purchase soft drinks. Long story short- Although its success might not entirely be attributed to the immense digital transformation, Coca-Cola has enjoyed some fruitful years, with profits continually hitting all-time highs in recent years. 

  • Starbucks

Another perfect example of a company that has used mobile applications to propel itself to success is Starbucks. Starbucks was among the first companies to launch business aid mobile apps.

As early as 2009, Starbucks already had a mobile app allowing users to locate nearby coffee shops and learn more about coffee types, sorts, brews, and many other details.

The app has added more functionality, allowing customers to order and pay for their products. After implementing the mobile app strategy, Starbucks recorded a significant increase in consolidated net revenues

Nike, Ikea, and McDonald’s are other companies that have significantly benefited from mobile applications. So let us now take an industry-based approach in looking at the benefits of mobile app development in 2022. 

  • Industrial Benefits of Mobile App Development in 2022

Mobile App Development has impacted almost the entire world, and most industries are not left behind. Industries have gained the benefits of mobile app development in 2022. We have focused on a few below industries 

  1. Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has been growing extensively over the years. More specifically, the healthcare industry has derived massive value from mobile applications.

Mobile apps have emerged as reliable solutions to the many problems faced in the healthcare industry, including the surge in mortality and morbidity rates, service delays, medical staff burdens, and poor interdepartmental coordination.

The apps have been created to deal with real-time health stats and track medical records while aiming to enhance healthcare service delivery through quick and effective diagnosis and treatment.

Several mobile applications are related to the healthcare industry. They include the following apps: fitness, diet and nutrition, health condition trackers, chronic disease management, first aid guides, symptoms navigator, etc. Such apps help patients and medical practitioners with the following;

  • Bridging the doctor-client gap by offering services to even the remotest of locations.
  • Customized apps are well-suited to offer personalized services
  • Assisting doctors and medical practitioners with effective service provision
  • Reducing overheads and expenses for patients

  • eCommerce Industry

The eCommerce industry has been a leader in adopting mobile apps for businesses. The apps help to enhance the interaction between customers and their brands. eCommerce is now the new norm as more and more people continue to find it more convenient than conventional physical shopping.

As a result, online brands can leverage eCommerce applications to increase their brand recognition and enhance customer engagement.

The logic here is that with the increase in mobile eCommerce apps installed on their devices, customers are more likely to launch the application and use it to browse through the products of an eCommerce store. 

Apart from mobile applications dedicated to selling and buying, eCommerce store vendors could also embrace social media mobile applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to market and sell their products. Such apps help brands connect with customers by establishing a social media presence. 

  • Education

Mobile app technology has significantly revolutionized education provision through eLearning platforms. Such platforms enhance effective communication between tutors and students. The apps are available for all levels of education- from the most basic to tertiary levels. 

Through eLearning mobile apps, tutors can create lesson plans and other interactive learning materials and issue them to the students. Such platforms make learning more fun. Some eLearning app solutions include;

  • Helping students access education materials
  • Enabling audio and video-based downloadable study materials such as lectures
  • Uploading and management of homework, assignments, and assessment tests

Most schools and learning institutions have warmly embraced the idea of eLearning to improve education. Also, note that the apps benefit the tutors and students alone and the entire institution by streamlining the learning and management processes. 

  • Real Estate Industry 

The real estate industry is another industry that has benefited immensely since the inception of mobile applications. Mobile applications such as Craiglist, Zillow, and HotPads have gained huge traction in real estate.

Such applications play a very significant role in connecting proprietors and their tenants.

From the apps, buyers and sellers can assess queries pertaining to mortgage calculations and others elements of analysis that need informed decisions. The two parties get to communicate and collaborate effectively. 

Buyers get a fair image of the current and probable future, which will help them make informed decisions.

Applications such as RentHop can also help buyers find their dream homes faster through a mobile app rather than visiting the website or physical location of the broker. Renters and brokers will save time and other associated expenses by using such an application.

  • Finance Industry

As you might already be aware, finance is one of the most impactful industries. It is also one of the industries that have experienced immense transformation due to digital disruptions.

The industry has adopted mobile app technology to keep up with the changing times, and the benefits that have come from this adoption are significant. 

The applications are used for many reasons, such as managing and storing sensitive customer data, processing transactions, risk assessments, and allowing clients to perform transactions on the go.

Finance companies that have leveraged mobile app technology can attest to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and excellent customer experiences. 

  • Manufacturing Industry

Technology has been part of the vast successes the world is witnessing in the manufacturing industry. Technology such as mobile apps has played an essential role in addressing large-scale manufacturing issues, which can sometimes be unbearably tedious.

For instance, a mobile app could be connected to IoT gadgets to collect information and data in real-time, measure things like raw material supply machine efficiency, and help troubleshoot hitches such as breakdowns and heatings.

The apps could also be connected to the admin dashboard to help track the production status, detect manufacturing faults and facilitate data-driven decisions that seek to make manufacturing processes as flawless as possible. 

Final Words

As you can notice, mobile apps play a big role in almost all industries. Other industries not mentioned in this article include the transport and logistics industry, retail industry, entertainment and media industry, food and hospitality industry, consumer packaged goods industry, and many others.

It does not matter the industry you are operating in. You can always place your bet on a mobile app to accelerate your business to the success heights you so much desire to achieve. 


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