Want to switch back your TikTok Pro or business account into a personal account? If yes, here you got the beginner’s guide which will help you understand how to switch back your TikTok pro account into a personal account. But before that, let us see a quick introduction to TikTok and its account types, including creator, business, and the TikTok Personal account. 

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Basics About TikTok

TikTok is a trending social media platform that helps create engaging short-format videos. Several TikTok videos work on the music-sharing niche by enhancing the profiles with a vast range of sound effects and filters. Beyond this, TikTok has an extensive range of features: DIY, humorous sketches, and lip-syncing videos. If you are hurrying to enter TikTok, then focus on engaging content strategy to boost profile reach. At the same time, if you wish to enhance your video exposure, start to buy tiktok fans where it builds organic traffic. 

Now, TikTok has more than one billion global monthly active users, where 63% of the TikTok users are between the ages of 10 and 29. Furthermore, TikTok followers have more female users than males in the US region. Indeed, by TikTok’s popularity, ByteDance is now ranking the world’s most famous startup. 

Different Types Of TikTok Account Types

TikTok has three account types: a personal account, a business account, and a creator account. Every TikTok account type has got its pros and cons. So, if you are looking to achieve your goals on TikTok, you should focus on the pros and cons of these TikTok account types. 

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Personal Account

On TikTok, the personal accounts have no analytics features and advanced functionalities. 

Pro Account

Several TikTok users on the platform look to create more professional profiles to reach their target followers. Also, configure with the TikTok Pro account to build your professional profile, which offers different tools for content creators. Thus, the TikTok Pro Account classified into two categories, they are: 

Business Account

On TikTok, business accounts help business units partner with customers more quickly and efficiently than personal TikTok accounts. In addition, TikTok’s business account focuses on advertising the company and brand image to assist followers in knowing more about the company. 

Creator Account

On TikTok, the creator account lets individual creators have more creative space than a personal account. Its primary functionalities are starting brand advertising, running an advertising campaign, and creating a product report. Thus, TikTok’s creator account targets the audience’s search and preferences view. In addition, it helps in marketing the products or advertising other brands’ products and services. 

Pro Tip: Are you using TikTok’s creator account for your business? If so, start to post trending content through advertising. You can even grab your followers by using TikViral for your TikTok profile to gain exposure. 

How To Switch Back TikTok Pro/Business Account Into Personal Account? 

These step-by-step processes allow you to start to switch back your TikTok business or Pro account into a TikTok personal account. 

Step 1: Click On The Triple Dots On Your TikTok Profile

First, open your TikTok account and profile on your smartphone devices. Find the triple dots and click the button on your TikTok profile. You can’t make this on your personal computer, laptop, or desktop. The Icon will be visible on the navigation menu bar, shifting you to your TikTok profile page. 

On TikTok, the profile page has three dots on the topmost section of the navigation bar. Next, you need to jump to the Settings and Privacy page and click on it. 

Step 2: Click On The Manage Account Section

Once you are inside the Settings and Privacy section, you can find several options in the menu bar. Next, you can find the option Manage Account below the Account section and header of your profile page. 

In the Manage Account section and profile page, you can edit and change account control and account information settings. 

Step 3: Press On The Section Account Control & Change The Settings

Once you are within the managed account section, you should find their options, including account control. Here, you can discover the different TikTok accounts, including the business, creator, or personal account. Now, you can click on the switch to the personal account section and save it. 

Glitch Reasons: Why Can’t You Switch Your TikTok Pro Into a Personal Account? 

A few of the possible reasons you can’t switch back to your personal account on TikTok or can’t use the application are below. Remove these struggles to sign in with your TikTok personal account. 

  • There is no proper internet connection on your smartphone devices. 
  • The wrong feed of birth date on your TikTok profile can create a glitch, where the TikTok network bans millions of accounts. The TikTok profile ban is due to privacy problems and the laws governing children’s access to the app. 
  • The options within the account control section of your TikTok app rely on the account type you have. For instance, the business account users with both creator and personal accounts on TikTok create a glitch. The creator account users on TikTok have the option of a business account and a personal account. 


The article explains everything about how to switch your TikTok Pro account into a TikTok personal account. The reasons behind the glitches while switching your TikTok account to the pro account. I hope you found this guest post article interesting; if so, let us know in the comments below. 


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