Feeling like you are missing the bandwagon and you are not the only one on the hype? Then you might encounter a scam artist that is excellent at making sales pitches and frightening their clients. Apocalyptic hooks are common and global instability and although this might be true, it does not mean that you will just have to pour your hard-earned money into any product that they are selling.

With the main talking points of getting anxious for your future, most victims are getting into illegal companies that are doing large-scale operations and high-pressure tactics to gather as many investors as possible and this is often called boiler-room schemes which you can see more about on this site here.

However, you should not discount the overall benefits of gold investing and getting security with its feature of being tangible. In fact, precious metals are really getting valuable during a recession, high inflation, and an economic downturn. This does not mean that you should invest your money in suspicious financial products.

How Do Salespeople Bring About the Scams?

Pitches, where you are forced to shell money to open a defunct mining operation, might not be a promising idea. Aside from the expensive equipment pieces, you might go bankrupt when there are no metals left to be unearthed in the mine. Shady people will promise you a stake or a percentage of the profits as well as high returns. However, this is sometimes going to turn into a pump and dump where it is going to involve aggressive promotion of the stock of the company involved in the business.

Those who are selling bullion will keep it in an unknown depository where the whole thing does not exist. That is, you have purchased a make-believe gold bar and there was never really a storage space that was set up. Some of the characteristics that you need to be aware of are the following:

• When there is an over-representation of the number of precious metals that can be mined

• Speculative claims about the value of a mining company where you are encouraged to purchase massive shares.

• Marketing campaigns that pressure you into buying such as cold calling, email, or social media posts. They generally include overinflated value and prices of precious metals so beware.

• Slick brochures or sites where there are allusions to specialized services that only the fraudsters can access.

• Any plans to recover sunken treasure in an unknown location.

What to Know about Investments?

There are a lot of commodities in the market that are being offered and this is not limited to precious metals. Instead, you can find bonds, stocks, and exchange-traded funds from gold-related companies that may involve some risks.

As with any other investments, you can expect the price to rise and fall depending on several factors. Political upheaval, supply & demand, hoarding, higher interest rates, and others may affect gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

It still pays to be diligent and understand the fees and the hazards before you put money into a venture. Make sure to only deal with sellers who are registered with various regulatory bodies and brokers that are transparent with their processes. 

Always be on the lookout for pushy salespeople that often emphasize the limited quantities of low-priced metals and urge you to act now or miss your “one big chance.” Research and read reviews about certain companies to see whether they are legitimate or not and fortunately, the internet can offer you plenty of resources where you can explore and see what others are saying about a brokerage.

Starting your Investment Journey Right

Purchase Physical Precious Metals

Buying gold coins, stamped bars, and other precious metal-related assets can be done right the first time. Acquire bracelets, rings, and necklaces that will have value and be easier to acquire. Ingots will also help the individual have tangible ownership of the bars and they can get direct exposure to the spot price of others like silver, platinum, and palladium. 

Coins might have a variety of sizes and shapes but there are design additions that you might be paying a premium for. However, with the coins, the one-ounce size or less is going to be more convenient to sell than the bars if you decide to liquidate. You are also in luck if you live in a large city where you can find a lot of them being sold on minting companies and pawn shops.

Numismatics, old, rare, and collector rates may rise in price, and this can be way higher than their value or the current market price. See more offers at Bonds Online where you’ll read about a company and see if they are a scam. These reviews help people decide which brokerages and firms are going to be right for their needs. Also, leave the numismatics to the collectors and focus on the widely popular and circulating American Eagle, African Krugerrand, and Canadian Maple Leaf varieties.

Another issue with the coins is that they have a higher markupand on top of this, you also have to pay for insurance and depository. If you prefer buying direct investments like bullion, each major change with the dollar can significantly increase or decrease your holdings so you really have to know what you aregetting into.

Mutual Funds and ETFs

Alternatives include exchange-traded funds and each of them are instruments that are a representation of a specific precious metal amount. You can sell them just like you can with stocks, and they are purchased in self-directed IRA. It is more cost-effective for a lot of retirees to go with paper assets related to gold because they can dabble in the industry without too much capital.

Fund expense ratios are often less than 0.50% and there will be no other fees to pay, especially if you choose the right mutual funds. Getting the right funds to own gold bullion should mean that you should just focus on the ones with excellent reviews and who are well-known in the industry. The top ten will help you give the security that you need with decent returns. However, savvy investors might go with the ones that many people have not heard of and invest in them for higher returns.

Paper assets will mean that you will just need less amount to start your investment and diversify your holdings. You can also easily own some of the precious metals and put them into your IRA as a hedge against inflation and it is possible to invest in the indexes of various mining companies that will be tied directly to the movement of the bars and coin prices.

Mutual funds, even if they are tied to gold, are still going to get actively managed and this is where you need to read the fine print carefully for information. ETFs may get passive management and require a lower expense, but it will still depend on your needs where you would want to put your money, and which one is the most convenient for you. Get more info about passive investments at this link: https://www.cfainstitute.org/en/membership/professional-development/refresher-readings/passive-equity-investing. 

Options and Futures Contracts

Want a more lucrative investment that brings higher returns? Then futures contracts and options are the right choices for you. They are the predetermined value of gold at a set time and many people may prefer them because the margins are lower than the traditional equities. They might get settled in the form of precious metals and others may prefer dollars. However, this is only applicable to financially savvy investors because the losses are huge.

Delays are alternatives and this is where the options are set in place. This limits the investors’ losses while leveraging the original amount that they have predicted. The downside is that the individual is required to pay a fee for the premium on the value of the bullion for them to get ownership of the option. 

Know that they can be very volatile and there are interest expenses and commissions to consider but they are great when you invest a large amount of money. 


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