There are a number of amazing features on social networks, such as creating a poll, to know your followers or friend opinions on a topic. Instagram and Facebook both offer such opportunity and you can create a poll on it. However, it’s not that easy and straightforward. Here, in this article, we’ll show you how to create a poll on Facebook, and how to fix if it’s not working properly on your page.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook?

To create a poll on Facebook you should use story on Facebook app because Facebook poll is not available on Facebook Messenger.

Set up your poll

Once you’ve set up your poll, you’re ready to start asking questions. You can ask as many questions as you’d like, and you can choose whether people can answer multiple choice questions or write answers. If you want to make sure people only see the questions they need to answer, you can also hide any questions you don’t want them to see.

To create a poll on Facebook, follow these steps:

  1. Login in to your account on Facebook app
  2. Tap Stories right from Home
  3. Tap Stickers icon on top right
  4. Choose Poll sticker
  5. Write your questions and answers
  6. Share to your story

Adding options

After you’ve asked your question, you can add options to help people select an answer. This lets you give people more choices than just “yes” or “no.” You can use radio buttons, check boxes, or text fields to let people pick one option.

Sharing it with friends

Once you’re done creating your poll, share it with your friends so they can vote too! If you want to make sure they see your post, you can send them a link to the poll instead of posting it directly.

Answering questions

You can use polls as a fun way to engage your followers and encourage them to participate. They also provide an easy way to gather feedback from your fans.

Analyzing results

Once you’ve finished creating your poll, you can analyze its results by using the insights available through Facebook’s Insights feature. This will give you insight into what people liked about the question, what they didn’t like, and why they voted the way they did.


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