There are two ways to connect your Xbox controller to your Xbox device. One is through a micro USB cable and the other method is simply to connect the two devices wirelessly. Both are simple and I will show each method separately.

Connect your Xbox controller to Xbox console using a cable

This is so simple and you can do it with ease.

  • Simply plug the end of the USB cable into your Xbox ports. There are two ports, one is in front of your device, and an additional one should be on the back of your Xbox.
  • Once you plugged one end of the USB into your Xbox port, plug the other end of the cable into your Xbox controller.

Connect the Xbox controller to the Xbox console wirelessly

  • There is a button on the top of your Xbox controller, simply press that button.
  • After you’ve done that, the Xbox logo on your controller will start blinking.
  • Now go ahead and press the button that is located on your Xbox console. The button I’m talking about is located below the Xbox logo which is also the power button on your device. But if you have an original Xbox, the button is located on the left side of your Xbox.
  • Now the blinking will stop and both devices will be synchronized or connected.
  • If you have any issues syncing your Xbox controller to your Xbox console this way, using a micro USB will fix your problem.

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