Target Audience segment

In order to have the best performance, you need to interact with audiences that are interested in your business. Instamber provides several targeting options - including targeting by audience section. In your promotion, you can target Instagram users by location, gender, Instagram account type and etc.

for example, you want to target those women who like your products to buy in a specific location.

You can also check the performance of your promotion to make the best targeting decisions for achieving your intended purpose.

This page will help you to access your right audience segment to target the best Instagram followers. Then it will explain how to choose the best segments to target for your marketing needs.

How to Choose right Audience Segments

After choosing the promotion type (location, account, hashtag, followers) to get the better result, follow the instruction :

1. Check the conversion rate of each promotion weekly.
2. If the conversation rate is under 3% delete that promotion and add new one.
3. After a while adjust the filter to focus on which audiences fit your business goals.

Very Important Note!

Consider, for more engagement with your followers you must have a regular schedule post for posting your content.

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