Instamber Spotify Promotion Guide

A. Introduction

Spotify, a music platform can aid artists to be popular in the music world, but how?

Among many features that can be influential in making a Spotify account, in other words, having a great number of:

Those will help you become Spotify famous. Fortunately, Instamber provides all the aforementioned features. So, you as a user can get more fans and fame on Spotify. It is enough to enroll and buy Spotify plays, followers, monthly listeners and playlist followers.

B. How to increase Spotify plays, followers, monthly listeners, and playlist followers

As Instamber presents the facility to add many followers, monthly listeners, and playlist followers, you can have one or all them on your dashboard.

There are some steps needed to pass to buy whatever you plan to gain for your account.

1. Sign up, and create an Instamber account

The first step is to register and have your individual Instamber dashboard:


2. Click on Spotify

Choose Spotify to proceed as the second step:


3. Choose your Sptify service:

On the left column, pick the service that you want, then enter your link of Spotify and the number that you desire to continue:


4. Click on the Add to cart:

To get transferred to the next page, click on the Add to cart button to go on:

5. Click on top up balance and pay

As the last step click on the Top-up balance button and pay and finalize your order

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