Signing Up with Instamber

Sign up with Instamber, the smart Instagram management and marketing platform, and you’ll be able to gain lots of real followers all over the world.

Step 1 : Sign up

Click here to sign up and follow these easy steps:

On the Sign Up page, fill in your basic information, such as your Email, name and password . After entering your details, click on sign up button.


Step 2 : Activate Your Account

The Adding Instagram account page is where you can set up your first Instamber campaign. You’ll need to add your Instagram account to start to use Instamber management tools.


Note: Some times, Instagram send you a notification that “someone attempted to log into your account recently. “ on your phone. You should click on “It was me” button. Now your Instagram account is connected to Instamber. Open your dashboard and click on “confirmed” button. The message may also be displayed later.

Note: In some cases, You need to confirm your identity on your phone or email address.
- Confirm your identity on your phone: open Instagram on your phone and click on “It was me”.
- Confirm your identity on your email : enter verification code received in Instamber.

  • For more information click here.
    When you’ve done adding your items, Start your promotion.

Step 3 : How to Use Instamber

Instamer helps you create and monitor your campaigns on Instagram , Here are some examples of what you can do with Instamber :

- Get real followers on Instagram by Instamber Instagram bot
- Manage and Schedule Instagram post
- Keep Informed of your audience Insight smartly by comment manager
- Send Instagram auto direct message to target audience
- Increase Instagram likes and views

Step 4: If Problem Still Persists

If still you couldn't add your Instagram account, try to solve the problem with Instamber application via the link below: Download Instamber app

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