How to Manage Comments

This section which is placed on the third tab, handles all of your received comments in a single stream. you can reply, delete or mark them in the defined categories for further check out.

It’s easy to manage your comments received from Instagram in one simple dashboard. To begin, activate this feature on “comment tab

Sometimes you need to check your received comments later. Perhaps it’s a suggestion received about your product or some kinds of issues that need more time to be solved. For this purpose Instamber provides some options.

Comment Manage Actions :

After comments are received in the panel, you’ll need to manage them to stay focused on what’s next and ensure you won’t miss anything important. To reach this goal, you have to do 3 actions :

- Categorize your comments to Right Category
- Delete irrelevant comments
- Stay focused on categorized comments and do the best action for them

Comment Categories :

Here are all categories you can use according to your needs.

1 Inbox All new comments to your posts will appear here. If a comment has inappropriate content you can delete it."Important" tab is for comments that are important to you or issues that can't be resolved immediately. "Resolved" tab is for comments that were important but already resolved
2 All In this tab all comments from all tabs are shown
3 Resolved All comments marked as "Resolved" will appear here. Add comment to "Resolved" once you reply or resolve the issue or when the comment is no longer important
4 Important All comments marked as "Important" will appear here. You can use this tab to organize all important comments in one place. Once a comment is no longer important mark it as"Resolved”

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