Create and activate account

Instamber Instagram search tool can save you much time and money, it helps you filter the Instagram users and posts that are most related to you. In other words, it narrows down the accounts to perform the following functions:

  • 1. Finding suitable influencers
  • 2. Tracing Potential clients
  • 3. Finding and reposting relevent content

The following article is a guideline explaining all the necessary details to about the Instagram search engine tool, including the information about how to create and activate an account.

Create an Account

The first step that is needed to do is signing up.

After you have signed up and get your own Instamber panel, your next step will be adding an Instagram account.

After you finish your registration, on your dashboard you can see a pop-up that requires you to add your account.

Activate an Account

To activate the Instagram search tool service, like other Instamber’s services, first, you should click on the Instagram search tool (Hot clients) tab, then click on the “Add days” button to initiate this service by paying from your own balance via direct payment.

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