Search based on Locations

Finding the users who have the same or nearby location as you. So by this way you can increase the chance of finding the most accurate accounts or posts.

To find your own audience through their locations, you can use the next field by typing locations and picking them from the loaded lists, then target your audience. Like hashtags, you can use different locations:

Step one: set your aims based on geography

The first and the most significant part here id defining your geographical realms which have the most potential of attracting customers. So, begin with the broader locations like cities, for examples, London. Then, try to split it to smaller neighborhoods and the places including your potential customers

Second Steps: select your found audience:

After choosing locations, it is time to access to your target audience. To do so, you should go to Feed tab:

By clicking on the Refresh button, your audience will be sorted based on what you set on tab setting.

As you see, we have chosen London as a location and makeup tutorial, beauty, and makeup as hashtags; now we have access to our target audience’s posts.

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