Search based on Hashtags

Using hashtags is totally an efficient method to trace significant and related accounts for you to interact with you. As a business owner, you are required to recognize the hashtags that are special in your niche. And by entering the hashtags on Instagram search bar you are going to discover the relevant pages of those hashtag users and hashtag lovers to interact with the audience via direct messages.

After activating, it’s time to use the service:

First Step: define aims

In the first step, you must determine your goal from activating Instagram Search tool, so that Instamber’s Instagram search engine system finds your audience based on your interests and requirements, then you can communicate with them and also get feedback from them.

Second Step: find audience based on hashtags

To do so, you must click on the Setting tab, so that you can find your audience based on their favorite hashtags.

By clicking on the Hashtag Section and typing your favored hashtags, you can find the audience that uses these hashtags on their posts or like these hashtags on your feed.

You can also add some different hashtags to your own list:

Third step: refresh your feed

After entering the desired hashtags, you just need to click on the refresh button and view the results there.

You can do multiple actions on the accounts that you find based on the information that you enter, such as:

  • 1. Finding influencers
  • 2. Finding potential customers
  • 3. Boosting your engagement rate
  • 4. Reposting

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